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Love Island series 7 13th July

Love Island series 7 13th July

Love Island Tuesday 13th July 2021 

 Jake, you melt our hearts sometimes! Lovely to hear that he can say he’s falling for Liberty, and although you can see she really has fallen for the lad we get that letting your guard down sometimes is hard! 

As the winner of the challenge, Millie & Liam got to spend the night in the hideaway together! Both got dressed to impress (in very little) as the massage oil came out as the two enjoyed some time together! 

Faye & Teddy got close in bed as she had everyone’s ears pricked up having a giggle fit while in bed. 

Jake & Toby teamed up with each other to create the perfect breakfast for their girls. Cute little Hugo helped round them up and escort them down to their tables, we really hope you find someone Hugo! 

Sharon & Kaz had a bit of a heart-to-heart, Sharon revealed that maybe she and Hugo could have something a bit more than just a friendship. 

Lucinda & Brad go on their first date! Both the lads & Faye warn him to ask questions and keep his mouth shut, great advice let’s be honest as the boy doesn’t stop when he gets started! The distance between the two might be a problem on the outside world by the sounds of it! 

Hugo and Kaz sit down and have a little talk and as any good friend does, she has a poke to see how Hugo feels about Sharon. He seems to shoot it down a bit saying that things are really good between them, that each other may show red flags if they were dating however, they are so platonic and have such a good friendship he’s happy and hopes someone comes in for her soon. Kaz takes that as a maybe when she is in the hut. Maybe he needs to open his eyes, maybe he is just not that into her. We will have to see! Hopefully, Sharon pulls him for that chat, and they can get things cleared up with each other. Kaz tells Sharon about the chat, Sharon’s just not sure if she wants to open that can of worms with him or not. 

As the Islanders make their way over to the fire pit things are about to heat up as they are told the couple with the least votes from the public will be dumped. One by one they will sit down for their place on the island. 

The couples saved in no order: 

Millie & Liam 

Liberty & Jake 

Kaz & Arron 

Faye & Teddy 

As Hugo & Sharon, Chloe & Toby, Lucinda & Brad are asked to stand at the front as they are the bottom 3 the couples with the fewest votes, one couple must decide who went which is Lucinda and Brad! In tomorrows episode we will find out who they have decided to be dumped. 

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