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Real or Fake? Eagle Picks up Baby?

Real or Fake? Eagle Picks up Baby?

The world has currently gone mad, Covid-19 is still about, there has been multiple videos that claim it to be real and it turns out fake, and then we see some that seem fake but look very real! The world has seen a lot happen during 2020 to 2022, however this video was released 9 years ago on the 18th December 2012. This video claims to show a golden eagle striking something that no one thought they would ever strike!

This video claims to show an eagle snatching a kid from the floor and trying to escape with it! There has been over 46 million views on this one video since the release of this clip, however is it real? The video seems real with someone controlling the camera and seems real with the eagle picking up the kid. There can’t be any way this can turn out to be fake surely!

This video is in fact… FAKE! The video has been very well edited and the reason this is fake, is if you slow the video down, frame by frame, you can see the kid slightly off the eagle when taking off and still flying up when the eagle had supposedly let go of the kid. Another day another fake! For more real or fakes click here!

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