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NFL Considering Moving to a 16 Team Playoff With Altered Seeding

With Covid-19 weighing heavily on things, it is increasingly possible that the NFL will adapt a 16 team playoff for 2020. Although there are no plans presently if as is possible games have to be cancelled permanently because of the pandemic this would be the only way to account for them. It would also allow the use of the traditional bye week pre playoffs and could sort out the aberration in the current scheme which could see an 11-5 or even a 12-4 team playing away at a team who has a losing record (the NFC East we are looking at you).

So is it likely? Well given that last night’s game was heavily affected by players testing positive or isolating (both the Packers & 49ers had players out) and things are not getting any better it looks pretty inevitable that games will be lost.

The only positive of expanding to a situation where 50% of teams make the postseason is that the indications are that it would be a wins seeded tournament which would mean that winning your division doesn’t give you a home game. Thus as it stands Philadelphia – the most likely winner of the NFC East would be the 8th seed rather than 4th a huge disadvantage as they would play the No 1.

It looks like it’s going to be an interesting season possibly for all the wrong reasons!


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