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The Resident! Season 2 Episode 2!

The Resident! Season 2 Episode 2!

The Prince & The Pauper

The episode starts off with Mina and Mikah talking and how he didn’t want to be a liability to her but she reminds him that he’s 10 days out of major surgery. Then we see Devon with his girlfriend walking the dog and the dog is clearly spoiled. Then we see Conrad and Nic having there date night.

Then we see Dr Bell who was still in love with Lane and we see him driving and he spot someone who looks like Lane and pulls over and tires to pick her up up and offer her money. However she was an undercover cop and he’s put under arrest for solicitation.

We then see a young boy roller dancing and he helps someone up, another person crashes into him launching the young boy straight into a metal pole and he collapses in pain. We find out that young boy is called Jack.

The Marshal who is Conrad Dad asked for him to attend a meeting with Dr Bell. Conrad hits a nerve when he asks about how much Bell makes normally. He then questions it and the two begin to verbally fight but Marshal steps in and tells them they need to learn to work together.

They then bring Jack in and begin to help him and he is rushed in surgery. We then see Devon giving a small tour to some first year med students.  They each take turn checking a patient heart three of them don’t listen correctly. Where as one of them confirms what Devon thinks and that his heart rate is completely normal.

We then see Jack in surgery where Doctor Austin and work fast to save the boys life. Meanwhile there is a young girl wondering around doing her best to look for insulin.

Devon and the med students get wind of free Tai food that is provided by a woman who sells medical devices. We then find out her name is Julian Booth and she introduces herself being a sales woman for Quovadis. She then begins to show him the devices.

We then brought back to Jack and his parents explain about his sister who died due to a brain tumour two years prior. Jack reassures his mother. Conrad then notices something and then check Jack out and he tells him about back pain.

We the see the little girl takes some drugs and Nic begins to chase her down but loses her. Devon is then seen getting the med student to put IV lines in each other one of them get it easy while the other does not. Julian comes in with a device and helps. However the man was so happy he accident pull the IV line out causing blood to shoot out the others arm.

We then find out Conrad catches sight of Cancer which Jack has unfortunately but he was dead set on saving the young boy. He was going to make sure the family didn’t lose another child. They then tell Jack about the cancer, Dr Bell offers transport to where his dad wants to take his son.

Were then brought back to the girl who was looking for insulin we see her injecting herself. She then passes out. Mina offers to help Nic find her and we see Mikah walking on his own but then falls Mina rushes to him when the girl is then found and Mina rushes to help the girl instead and she alert Nic.

Devon runs to help however the girl is so far gone that she needs to be rushes into ICU as she in a coma. Julian then spots Dr Austin and manages to grab his attention. Then we see Doctor Bell talking to his lawyer.

Then we see Mina going to talk to Mikah and he tries to break things off but Mina doesn’t let him she promises she will be there and that they should only make big decision together.

We find out due to Jack accident a tumour has started to bleed and Conrad rushes to stop Jack transport so they can fix him at Chastain that way he doesn’t die. He then rushes into OR.

We then get brought back to the girl we find out her name is Abby. One of the med student is still there watching them work on Abby. Devon talks to the student telling him it was okay and he rushes to find her parents.

We find out that Jack is most likely cancer free and his surgery was a success so the episode ends on a high note.

The Review

This episode was amazing we got to see more development between Mina and Mikah just showing the love for each other. But we also see more of the horrible hospital cost to the point were a little girl now in a coma because she needed a simple drug that was just too expensive. However we see a happy story of young boy who had cancer and is now saved and should live a semi normal rest of his life.





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