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The Circle is back for its second season…

The Circle is back for its second season…

The Circle is back on Channel 4 for its second season. The Circle started out as a social experiment for its first season but everyone was hooked to the show so they decided to bring it back again this year.


The show is like Big Brother with a twist, each contestant has their own apartment in a block of flats and none of them have met before. They will never get the opportunity to meet each other until they are blocked from the show. The only way they can communicate to each other via a social media app and they can be themselves or a catfish (pretend to be someone they are not). 

The social media platform is voice activated and contestants can upload photos from before the show, make statuses, check the news and message someone individually or in a group chat. 

The contestants will rank their fellow players from who they like most to who they do not like the most. The player with the most top scores will be placed influencer and will have the power to block players when asked and can be rewarded. 

At the end of the season whoever is the most popular player could win £100,000. 

The Circle is on every weeknight at 10pm.

The players



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CATFISH ALERT! James is going in with a cunning plan to pull on some heart strings and bag the cash! 💰 #TheCircle

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AGE: 26

Occupation: Recruitment consultant

From: Liverpool

James is becoming single mum Sammie and hopes he will not be found to be a catfish by other players. 




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With no plan except to be completely himself, will farmer Sy plough his way through to the final? 🚜 #TheCircle

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AGE: 35

Occupation: Farmer

From: Somerset

Sy is going into the circle as himself, he is a fourth-generation farmer who loves the country. 




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CATFISH ALERT! Why live vicariously through your child when you can live *as* your child? 🤷‍♀ #TheCircle

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AGE: 43

Occupation: Tanning salon owner

From: Fleet, Hampshire

Katie  is going into the circle as her son, Jay, who is 25-years-old. She hopes that she can find him a girlfriend. 




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A perfect Insta profile can be deceiving! Brooke’s here to show off the 🔥 personality behind the 🔥 pics. #TheCircle

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AGE: 24

Occupation: Disclosure Officer

From: Buckinghamshire

Brooke works for The Home Office and she loves to travel, she is going into the show as herself and hopes she stays in it until the end. 




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Our youngest Player Woody is packing light and ditching the baggage that comes with having famous parents 🧳👋 #TheCircle

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AGE: 18

Occupation: Works in a pub

From: Brighton

Zoe Ball and Fat Boy Slim’s son Woody is going on the show to see if he liked without people knowing about his celebrity parents. 



AGE: 21

Occupation: Tailoring industry

From: Nottingham

Georgina is a fighter of Crohn’s disease which is a lifelong condition in which the digestive system becomes inflamed. She is playing the game as herself.



AGE: 58

Occupation: University academic and animator

From: Rugby

Tim jokes about being a cross between “Mrs Doubtfire and Santa”. Tim is going in to the show with his cat and hopes he will be liked for himself.  




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Thanks to your votes, Richard Madeley will be playing as ‘Judy’, a 27-year-old woman. This will be interesting 😂 #TheCircle

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AGE: 63

Occupation: TV presenter

From: London

Celebrity Richard Madeley joins the players and he will be catfishing. The former This Morning presenter explained: “It’s not your normal reality show. It’s got quite a lot going for it intellectually as well as being a lot of fun.”

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