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How I Would Produce Venom 3!

How I Would Produce Venom 3!

Venom has just been seen in the MCU and has just went back to his universe leaving some of his symbiote in the MCU and more than likely going to target Spiderman, also known as Peter Parker! What’s next for this Venom however? Could he go up against more villains? Or will Spiderman make an appearance?

From the beginning, Eddie Brock has randomly been teleported back to his universe where he thinks Peter Parker and Spiderman is still a thing, well Venom does as he remembers even with the spell in place and with the ending of Venom 1, we see that Venom is wanting to find Spiderman as “he looks tasty”. Throughout the movie he is trying to find Spiderman as he wants to eat him and or make him into a villain, however Scream is introduced and or the storyline behind scream starts to be introduced, thus making the storyline about Venom vs Scream. Throughout Venom and scream have some face off moments, however near the end scream is defeated and while Eddie Brock is walking around talking to Venom, Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman swings by with the police cars. Prompting a Venom vs Spiderman in The Amazing Spiderman 3 or 4. The post credit scene show some parts of Spiderman in the same universe however shows him lying there with the symbiote about to go on him… as Eddie Brock loses it!

This storyline doesn’t really make sense, however I could imagine another villain for Venom to face before fighting Spiderman! As this is clear from Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman saying he wants to fight a black alien… referring to Venom!

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