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Making A Murderer: a prisoner has confessed to killing Teresa Halbach

Making A Murderer: a prisoner has confessed to killing Teresa Halbach

A prisoner in Wisconsin has allegedly confessed to the murder of Teresa Halbach whose crime which was featured in Netflix’s documentary Making A Murderer. Steven Avery is serving a life sentence for the crime but has always said he is innocent. 

Steven Avery// Netflix

The unidentified prisoner has claimed he committed the murder in a recorded interview for a documentary, police are currently verifying the confession. The new documentary is called Convicting A Murderer and the whole confession was caught when he was interviewed. 

Director Shawn Rech told Newsweek: “We haven’t confirmed the legitimacy of the confession, but seeing as it was given by a notable convicted murderer from Wisconsin, we feel responsible to deliver any and all possible evidence to law enforcement and legal teams.

“Having been in production for 20 months, we’ve uncovered an unfathomable amount of information and evidence that is leading us to the truth. Our investigation does not end here.”

Steven Avery was convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2007, his nephew Brendan Dassey was also found guilty of being part of a first degree homicide, sexual assault and mutilation of a corpse. 

Teresa Halbach was a 25-year-old photographer who disappeared on October 31st 2005. Her last confirmed movements was meeting Avery at his home.

Teresa Halbach// netflix

Steven Avery 2007 trial was played in the Netflix documentary Making A Murderer. 

Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner responded to the news of the confession on Twitter, writing: “We received the handwritten confession on Saturday. It is worthless unless it is corroborated.”

The confession could be false but if verified Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey ‘s convictions could be changed. 

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