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Disney Plus Rack Up Over 50m Subscribers!

Disney Plus Rack Up Over 50m Subscribers!

Video Streaming services are getting better and better each year, the rise of subscribers to streaming services like Netflix and Now TV are unbelievable, however a new challenger has arose by the name of Disney Plus! They have been in development for a while and have finally released there streaming platform and fans of Disney are loving it. Netflix and Amazon Prime have been around for a while but Disney Plus has only been released for a month in the UK and have already got a lot of Subscribers and more coming in each day due to what is on there and how cheap it is to get each month!

Disney Plus has reached 5o million fans since it’s launch 5 months ago and last month in the UK. Disney Plus has been doing well due to certain fans looking at the old TV series and movies they use to watch when they were on SKY and now they are back, fans are loving it. This couldn’t of came at a better time with the virus forcing everyone to stay indoors to save lives. They have had a massive fan base since they begin a while back. Disney Plus originally set the target as 60 million to 90 million, however they are looking to exceed that within the next few months if this keeps going. “We’re truly humbled that Disney Plus is resonating with millions around the globe,” said a Disney spokesman.

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This streaming platform has some great hits such as; all the Pirates of the Caribbean, all the Marvel movies, all the old series from a long time. Just what every Disney fan was wanting. This was great timing and with this out, this could be the end of some streaming platforms if they change from them to Disney Plus, mainly Now TV since they have the same movies but way less than Disney Plus, if Netflex do get Sports, Now TV will be no longer for some people. Disney Plus will continue to grow and see more subscribers in the next few months, or next few weeks.

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