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Summoners War!Ancients Coins explained!

Summoners War!Ancients Coins explained!

In this post I’m going to writing about on of the rarest current form of currencies in the game and they are known as Ancients coins and you can only obtain these coins though doing events these are extremely important to do within the game as it give you lots of free to play items within events. In the screenshot below you will see and explanation of Ancient coins and their value.

The Ancient rune shop is where you can buy no summonable monsters such as the light Fairy Queen which can only be obtained from the store along with a few other monsters. Underneath you’ll see the store.

This gives more explaining about the store and what you could buy, In terms of monsters in this order I would buy them first one I would buy is Fran the Light Fairy Queen then the Dark Vampire Lord after that would be the Fire Shadow Claw then the Light Ifrit. After that their is only one unit remaining which is the Dark Cow Girl which can be a little fun activity later on in the game .


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