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Summoners War! Mina!

Summoners War! Mina!

In this post were going to be writing about the Water Martial Cat with the awakening name Mina. This unit is a unit that has a secondary awakening which allows this unit to be so much more stronger than people could imagine. Mina is most commonly used in areas  of like PvP as a single target nuker. First I’ll show the three different forms of Mina and just and this Cat get one hell of a upgrade in terms of look.

First form:

First awakening:

Secondary Awakening:

The secondary awakening Mina is an extremely fast and powerful unit I love her for the first turn nuke. I use her with units like Bastet and Beth or Helena. So in the screenshot below you will see where you need to farm for the secondary awakening for the cats! I will also post a picture of a team I use. This secondary dungeon requirement is based for the amount of based monsters stars with is sort of like the special league 20 star battle.

Like I wrote previously I said she was an amazing single target nuke especially in the likes of Arena.  She really need to be fast and have a high amount of damage so she can really hit the main threat or damage dealer underneath you can see a team I use with Mina. In addition, she is an amazing unit for guilds battles and siege battle so all forms of PVP really. She is even used in real time arena (RTA). Below there is a screenshot of an arena team.

Now lets talk about runes, Mina obviously need to be fast and hard hitting if not then she won’t really do well so the best thing for her is Swift, Blade. This is one of the most common rune set for Mina as a whole and below you will see my runes are exactly that.

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