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Resident Evil 8: Legendary Cowboy Achievement

Resident Evil 8: Legendary Cowboy Achievement

Achieve at least an S Rank on all stages in The Mercenaries.

Not a in depth guide to how to get this achievement but just something that I used to unlock it.

I’m no pro but I didn’t think the first 4 levels were that bad to get a S in, then after a couple of tries managed to get a S on village 2 and castle 2 then hit a real problem with factory and mad village 2. Personally I found these levels really difficult infact with factory 2 I was struggling at the first door with 3 archers, I started to think I’m never going to get through both the stages till the end until I stopped looked at the points being received, realised they the same as the earlier levels then after looking at the book in the starting room and seeing the s rank point requirement and realised from the easier 4 levels it wasn’t actually that high.

For factory 2 instead of worrying about the whole level I just concentrated on part 1 and used the magnum to kill anything tough and just practised and tested a way I was comfortable with and managed to get a 45 kill streak finishing with around 3 and a half minutes left and all the money I could collect and this got me the S requirement without even touching the 2nd level then when part 2 started just let the first enemy kill me and you still get the S rank.

For mad village again I used the magnum. I actually found getting a 41/41 kill streak on the first part actually really easy. Go right to the hut for the ten kills then go left and just stay in the tunnel and the enemies come to you round the house down to the graves once you get used to it really easy. With the 7 minutes I had left and all the money with the 41 kill streak you get around 450,000 points out of around the 650,000 you need. Then part 2 again isn’t to bad again I killed everything but messed up a few times and never really got a kill streak going but after this level I had the s rank so didn’t even need to do last 3 stages and just let a enemy kill me as soon as part 3 started.

Like I said not a guide as such just some info for people that are struggling with these two stages. As soon as I changed my tactic from trying to get from start to end and being careful with ammo to just using everything to blast through part of the stage I did both on the first try.

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