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Summoners War! Marsha!

Summoners War! Marsha!

In this post I am going to be writing about the Fire Beast Rider with the awakening name called Marsha, she is a very powerful single target damage dealer she also has a passive that helps boost her attack bar. This helps her to steal turns. This unit is more PvP based rather than PvE, this is because this allows you to make the most of the unit. I love this unit personalty because I find her very easy to use and she is very effective to snip out a unit.

When using this unit make sure she has a decent amount of states in order for her to be effective, she can be used in both in Arena offence and Arena defence I use her with unit that boost attack bar that is because I want her to have more and more turn to get the most out of her damage. I tend to use her with the like of Bastet and that because she has a third skill which boosts attack bar. I also use her with the Wind beast rider known as Savannah as she too increased attack bar. So this allow this unit to be very strong and make her passive more useful

Arena Defence

Arena Offence

Now lets talk about runes one of the most popular rune builds to have on this unit is either Violent Will or Swift Will and this is because you want her to move as much as possible and as fast as possible she is a very popular unit among real time arena and normal arena. The only hard thing to deal with when it comes to this unit is that she can sometimes be considered hard to build. She is  a mid to late game unit I would not advise having her early game. As you can see from the screenshot below my Marsha has Violent Will as I have found this the most effective build so far and I didn’t enjoy her all too much on swift.

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