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Captain America: Civil War’s Airport Scene was Planned with…

Captain America: Civil War’s Airport Scene was Planned with…

Marvel have a history of making iconic scenes and giving the fans what they want, for example the 3 Spiderman’s and some great scenes within Endgame and Civil War, however some news have broke out about how they managed to create the iconic airport scene in Captain America: Civil War.

According to sources, the most iconic scene in Captain America: Civil War was actually created using action figures instead of the actual actors that were in the movie. The most gripping scene ever created in Marvel was first designed by action figures!

The scene involves all the main marvel superhero’s and the reason why they end up fighting is due to Iron Man not agreeing with Captain America and they end up having a massive fight in the middle of an airport. This was also the first time Spiderman was introduced into the MCU and the first time Tom Holland was seen in the Spiderman suit.

It was revealed that the team that created the movie sat down on a table and created this scene with action figures. One of the team members said;

We designed this fight over a long period, even before we started physical prep, like actually going in and starting previses [VFX previsualizations]. Myself and Sam Hargrove the coordinator of the movie, we sat with Kevin [Feige], Joe and Antony [Russo], Dan DeLeeuw and … the head of VFX and we sat down for a week, maybe two weeks at first, six, seven hours a day at a table with the figurines … and basically the first week was like ‘alright, let’s talk about the team makeups in terms of story and let’s put these guys against each other and come up with a list of hundreds of things that could happen.’ Like we just came up with just a massive amount of lists of’what if Natasha fought Cap’ and she originally fought him on the roof, we actually shot the fight, so yea these teams changed constantly.” Provided from Screen Rant.

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