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Stranger Things! Season 1 Episode 1!

Stranger Things! Season 1 Episode 1!

Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers

Introduction to the Episode

The episode starts showing the date which is November 6th, 1983 Hawkins, Indiana in the dead of night, we get the first glimpse of what seems to be a secret government lab and a scientist running for his life trying to escape, he get to the elevator when you hear low growling and he suddenly get pick up but we don’t know by what.

We then get brought to a small group of friend who seem to be playing D&D, We find out that one of the boy’s name is Will and he is told to fireball the Demogorgon. Will panics and rolls the dice too hard and it fly’s off the table to group rush to find it trying to see what he rolled.

We find out the main boy name his name is Mike and we watch the boys get on there bikes and leave from Mike’s house as they had to get home due to it being a school night.

We see Will racing one of the boys to their house, before we just get left with Will he see something causing him to crash his bike and run off trying to get in his house which he does. He calls out for his mom and Johnathan.

He see something again outside and rushes to call someone but all you can hear is static. He runs to his garage and get rifle and loads it holding it at the door however you see something appear behind him and then he simply disappears.

Main Part of the Episode

We start off in a rather mess house where someone seems to be fast asleep before awoken by a dog. The man then steps out takes a couple drags of a cigarette before getting himself ready. We then find out he’s part of the police force.

We then meet Johnathan and Will mother and the panic not being able to find Will. It’s seems that the family struggle a bit money wise as the eldest son works along with the mother. The mom calls up the Wheeler’s which we find out is Mike house to see if Will had stayed over, but when she says no the panic really sets in.

We then see the three other boys arrives at school on bike, it turns out they get bullied and they all just all just take it. We then see Mike sister who we find out is called Nancy coming into school who is talking to her best friend who we find out is Barbour. Nancy has a note in her locker with Steve telling her too meet her in the bathroom.

We come to learn that the policeman we saw is actually the chief and he goes by Hopper. We also find out the name of Will Mother which is Joyce and she was actually waiting for Hopper in his office which his assistance tries to explain but is very much ignored. Joyce panic worrying where Will is and tells Hopper to find him.

Then we see a mysterious girl with a hospital grown and a saved head, she sneaks into a diner though the back clearly hungry looking for food. The owner catches.

We then get brought back to Mike, Lucas and Dustin where the teacher show them something that allows them to talk though radios. However there excitement is interrupted by Hopper calling them into speak to try get to the bottom of where Will is. They all talk at the same time and Hopper tells them to talk one at a time. The boys wanted to help find Will and they got told no.

We then see a flash back off an old memories of an old base where Will would sit sometimes and we see both Joyce and Johnathan going to that area calling his name. Then were brought back to the mystery girl who is eating, but she doesn’t talk and then man who we find out is called Benny.  We find out the girl name is Eleven.

Were then taken to Hopper again, who finds Will missing bike, he looks into the woods trying his best to try figure out where he could’ve disappeared too. Hopper comes back to Joyce house with the bike and notices the dog barking at the shed he decided to have a look inside seeing if he could find out where he is when the light goes off. He notices some stuff destroyed before one of his policemen scares him and he orders a search party.

Then we see Mike arguing about going out to find Will and his mother says no while Nancy asks if she can go out and also get told no. Both Mike and Nancy walk off from the table to there rooms. Then were brought to the search party, we hear Hopper talking about his daughter to the teacher who the boys were fond of and then we learn about that his daughter actually died a few years back.

Mike then makes a plan to sneak out and tires to go looking for Will with Lucas and Dustin. As he’s doing so he catches Steve climbing onto the roof to get to Nancy room and he just rolls his eyes. We see Steve knocking on Nancy window and she couldn’t believe him.

We see Eleven eating ice cream and Benny there trying to cheer her up when there a knock. This woman says she social services but then she shoots Benny and Eleven makes a run using her telekinetic powers to escape the government men. Then we see the group of boys going into the woods trying to look for Will when it’s starts to rain.

We then see Steve actually helping Nancy study be he tires to make it fun but they end up making out getting distracted and she pushes him away and calls him idiot and then he goes back to helping. Then we see Joyce and Johnathan looking at picture he had taken. We then see Johnathan blaming himself for Will going missing because he decided to work late. When the phone rings and Joyce hears Will breathing and a growl before the phone get fried.

The Review

The first episode was an amazing one we meet so many core characters and how the disappearance of one boy can get everyone emotional. I found I could really connect with some of the characters it was truly heart wrenching watching how people were looking for someone who simply disappeared out of thin area and a mysterious being that had a wolf like growl yet we don’t what it is. Also seeing the amount of Government attraction it get seems to draw you in more and more. I simply can not wait to watch the next episode.


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