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Stranger Things! Season 1, Episode 2!

Stranger Things! Season 1, Episode 2!

Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street

Introduction to the Episode

The Episode starts off on the same rainy night that episode one left off on, where the three boys had found Eleven. The boys had brought her back to Mike house hiding her in the basement. They were trying to talk to her but she wouldn’t talk because she was scared and cold. She tries to get changed in front of them and Mike stops her and takes her to the bathroom so she can change in private.

The boys begin to talk about her coming up in theories, about Eleven and they come up with a plan to try deal with the problem and Mike makes a little base for her so she can sleep. Mike then learns the Elevens name and then decides to call her El as it’s short for Eleven and then says goodnight to her and hides her before going up to bed.

Main part of the episode

Then we Johnathan making breakfast and he tries to encourage his mother to eat breakfast when Hopper stops by to tell her that he hadn’t found anything and then Joyce was explaining the call and how she heard Will breathing. However Hopper not fully convinced so Joyce brought up Hopper daughter before he decides to go to Lonnie’s which is Will and Johnathan’s father who abandoned them.

Then we see Mike stuffing his breakfast at a fast pace and Nancy tells him it disgusting and he almost tell his parents about Steve sneaking in. Then Mike comes down to El, and give her some breakfast. He then explains the plan to her and she tells him no. She then explains bad men are after her but it doesn’t all make sense and Mike decides to keep her safe.

We then see Hopper talking to other policemen and they try to joke around about Will being missing but he not very amused as he points out that Joyce son is missing so she might she to be acting out of the ordinary, before he joins in the search again.

Then we get brought to the high school where Nancy getting some last minute studying in before class and Steve comes up to her and asks her about a party tonight she agree to go as long as Barb goes with her. Then Johnathan comes in putting in poster about Will, Nancy goes to speak to them wishing him luck in finding Will safe and sound.

Mike is then seen sneaking back home letting El having a tour of his home and she calls Nancy pretty. He tells her the name to his siblings before she sits down in special chair. Then we see Johnathan driving listening to song that triggers a flashback to with him Will and we find out that actually Will favourite song and how Johnathan tries his best to protect his little brother from his parents argument.

Mike mother then gets home and he panic and has to force El in a closet which triggers a horrible memory while Mike is downstairs coming up with a lie to tell his mother. He manages to get away from his mother and immediately get back upstairs to make sure El okay. Then we see Joyce setting up her new phone waiting for another phone call.

Meanwhile the search is still continuing, this is when Hopper get summoned to Benny’s and that when they find Benny dead body. The body was made to look like suicide. Then we see Johnathan come to a stop turns out he’s at Lonnie’s trying to see if he can find Will, but unfortunately there was no Will.

After school Dustin and Lucas goes to Mike’s house to find out what happening and that when he explains she knowns about Will and that she need to be kept hidden as bad men were after where making a gun motion with her fingers saying they would be killed. This is also when the boys see her powers for the first time. Then we get brought back to Johnathan and his dad tries to reconnect with his son and judge his mother which clearly upset him and goes to head home.

We then see Nancy lying just so she can go to the party and then were brought back to the search party. They finally find something and it was clothes tag and it was attached to a drain pipe. They find out it leads to Hawkins lab.

Then El is seen messing around with radio, they then explain to El what friends are teaching her. We see Nancy and Barb talking about the party and how they had to park on the side of the road before arriving and Barb seems on edge as Steve welcomes them in.

Then we see El showing Will character in D&D, and then tries to show them and explain to them about the upside down and that he hiding from the Demogorgon.  We watch as Joyce get another phone call and it was Will, as the light begins to flicker on and off and the phone breaks again. She almost look like she being driven crazy. She then head to will room following the blinking lights. Supernatural event begin occur in Will room. It like Will is trying to communicate with his mother. Then we see something trying to come though the wall. She panics and run before going back into the house thinking she can get Will back.

While at the party Nancy tells Barb to go home but she didn’t want to leave her so she sits out by the pool dipping her feet into the water, just waiting. Blood from her finger drops into the water she was there and then suddenly disappears into thin air just like Will did.

The Review

Wow, just wow what another intense episode, it was fantastic how wee watch some of the characters develop and change as it went on and how Joyce looks like she on the brink of losing her mind over her lost son and how she learning the lights are a form of way to contact him. We also see how the town of Hawkins still frantically looking for the missing boy. We also got to see important flashback that show parts of many characters past and experiences. It’s allowed you to get some real attachments to the characters and how the series makes you want to watch more and more.

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