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Spiderman: No Way Home Theories?

Spiderman: No Way Home Theories?

Spoilers for No Way Home, if you haven’t seen Spiderman: No Way Home yet, don’t read! This is also my theories and opinions on things… It May not of happened in the movie, but this is what I think!

So far, we have seen one of the greatest ever Spiderman films of all time, not only did it exceed a lot of fans expectations, it also provided what the Marvel fans wanted, meaning Marvel listen to the fans and gave them what they wanted, however, one question still remains about the villains in that movie… What happened to them? There are a few theories on what happened!

Doctor Ock, The power of the Sun in the Palm of his hand?

After he returns home, he returns to the last place he left off. He said in the movie that he had Spiderman by the throat, which in Spiderman 2 we saw Doc Ock have Peter by the throat and then seemingly changed his opinion and go down with the reactor that he made. My theory is, during the ending of Spiderman 2, this wouldn’t have been planned however just seems more realistic than him randomly wanting to get rid of the machine he built, he came back from the MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and came to Sam Raimi’s universe as the better and fixed Doc Ock, meaning he was back to normal with his arms. Sadly, due to him having to get rid of his machine, he would have died in the water like he would have done if he just went normally.

Green Goblin, Impaled by his Glider still?

At the end of Spiderman 1, we saw Green Goblin still get impaled by his glider. What if I told you, this could have still happened? This seems very unrealistic how it happened, however, if they return back to where they left off, surely Green Goblin or Norman Osborn will have gone back to fighting Peter Parker and still could have been impaled by his Glider. I think that the moment he goes “Oh”… That’s where he returns back into his universe and back into his world and died to his glider to the hands of Spiderman still… Or he could have gone back to Sam Raimi’s universe and got back to Green Goblin as he misses the power he had and the knowledge he had… Setting up the ending again!

Sandman, Normal?

Spiderman 3 was the last time we saw Sandman, also known as Flint Marco, he seemingly couldn’t die of anything as he was just, as you could have guessed, made of sand, however, his storyline really wouldn’t have changed in my opinion. As we saw in No Way Home, Flint Marco still remembered Peter Parker as Spiderman and even helped him defeat Electro, however in Spiderman 3 he made up with Peter Parker and got his forgiveness, therefore nothing really would have happened to Flint Marco other than maybe going to jail for his crimes and not being Sandman anymore. As he would have just gone back to crime when he was Sandman to help his daughter and then maybe just been normal doing them crimes again.

Electro, Out of the Power Grid?

As we saw in The Amazing Spiderman 2, he almost died when he had too much electricity. In Spiderman: No Way Home, we see all three Spiderman go and help him try and become a normal person again, however, what would have happened if he got so much power again? If he ended up in the same place as he did last time, he would have died, however, what if he managed to go into the power grid again and then escape and live a normal life after knowing he could have died to Spiderman like the last pair of villains that he met in the MCU? He more than likely stayed in the power grid died if he returned however be nice to think he went back to being an electrical engineer at Oscorp!

Lizard, Jail Time?

After being cured, it was hard to see him get a job as a scientist as he tried to turn everyone else into mutant Lizard however Doctor Connors would have had the same outcome if he left his universe at the same time as everyone else. Leaving him in jail for trying to turn everyone into mutant Lizards! Not much on him as not much can be said!

Remember this is just my theory on things and this may not have happened, as to why would they still die if they turn back to normal? However, if they left at certain points in their universe, surely they returned back to their points? I think after they left Andrew and Tobey still remembered them because of what happened to them and how they managed to help them, leaving them still in their timeline and still in memory, meaning they could have still died or gone back to normal like Sandman and the Lizard! For more Spiderman Related News click here!

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