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Real or Fake? Leaked Doctor Strange 2 Cast?

Real or Fake? Leaked Doctor Strange 2 Cast?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is one of the next big Marvel movies that is set to be released in 2022. Taking place after failing a spell that Peter Parker wanted to do and now has made the MCU world in trouble! There has been a lot of rumors going around about who is going to appear in this movie, from actors like Tobey Maguire to Tom Cruise, there have been a million actors set to appear on this and there has also been confirmed that there will be loads of actors, however, there has been a leaked photo that is going all over Twitter claiming to show the whole cast or at least some of them for Doctor Strange 2. But is it real?


Looking at the image straight away, I noticed a lot of actors that have been rumored to be making an appearance such as Tom Cruise, Tobey Maguire, and many more that are rumored to appear, and even the two main characters are listed at the top. It seems to look real as all the main characters are seeming to be in place and look legit. There are some odd ones on there that don’t make sense, however… Why wouldn’t they have Emma Stone playing Spider-Gwen or Gwen Stacy?

This image that claims to show the real cast of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is seeming to be Re… FAKE! No need to look into it and think oh it looks real to me, I think it’s fake by looking at one actor or even two but I will just name one actor. Debby Ryan, set to appear as Jesse Prescot? The Jesse Prescot? The one from the famous Disney show Jesse? This confirms it by the picture below! This is fake or has to be fake. There is a lot of speculation about this movie but this is seeming to be fake! Click here for more Real or Fakes!


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