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Real or Fake? Baby Dinosaurs Found?

Real or Fake? Baby Dinosaurs Found?

Dinosaurs are a hot topic in History and much more. We all know that dinosaurs use to run the world back in the day, so this is real, however, some images have been found from around the internet that suggest it is real but is it really fake?

Real or Fake? Baby Dinosaurs Found?

There have been multiple sightings found on the internet, some are clearly fake and others are edited greatly to look real but are in fact fake, however, there are some that no one has a clue about.

Some images look too real to be faked. Look at this image and see for yourself!

Baby Dinosaurs Found? Real or Fake?

Image Credit: YouTube

This image claims to show a real-life baby dinosaur caught on camera. They look like a smaller version of the plant-eating dinosaurs! Running on a beach escaping from something.

Furthermore, The image has been looked at a number of times, however, the heads look slightly off to me. The heads seem to look like tails from another animal! On the other hand, this could just be me overthinking this, however, it could just be the quality but this is strange to me.

Now looking at it again, the way they are jumping and how small they really are, this can’t be real right?

Is this image real or fake?

This image that claims to show real-life Dinosaurs has been looked at a lot, and we have concluded that this image is in fact, real! The claim that it is dinosaurs however is fake, we have covered the video on this as well! Click here to see!

The issue with this is, that it is a real image/video however the claim is wrong, it is in fact another animal running and jumping on the beach.

Strange to think that this was changed from two small animals to Dinosaurs! This could be the most realistic fake we have ever seen!

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