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Real or Fake? T-Rex Spotted in London?

Real or Fake? T-Rex Spotted in London?

Dinosaurs like the T-Rex are known for a lot of reasons, however there has been reports of one been spotted in London. Is this Real or Fake?

Real or Fake? T-Rex Spotted in London?

Creatures come and go around the world. There are some that has been here longer than me and you, others that have been here for a couple of years.

Some disappear and never return and others stay for many years.

Dinosaurs for example were here 67 million years ago and were wiped out due to an asteroid, however there are some videos and images claiming they are still around to this day.

There has been reports that a T-Rex was found in London! This is a massive story if it is true, however is it real or fake?

T-Rex Spotted in London?

Is this picture of a T-Rex Real or Fake?

This image claims to show a real T-Rex captured and killed being taken somewhere.

Now, this image may look real from the surface, however there is always another story that can be found with it.

In the image, we see the T-Rex and what appears to be blood, meaning that they have killed this creature and possibly doing research on it.

The main issue with this picture is not the fact that Dinosaurs were wiped out… It is the fact everyone else is not reacting in the way a normal person would if they saw a prehistoric creature.

This type of creature would have been all over the news, all over main stream media as one of the biggest stories in the history of the world! A T-Rex is still alive!

This story was never covered, which does indicate that this story could be a massive fake!

Real or Fake?

Having a look into this story and we can tell you right now, that this is a real image…

Not what you expected… This is real, just not the claim! This is a fake T-Rex that was spotted in London and even got a lot of people scared throughout the day.

This is a life-size version of the famous prehistoric creature that was made, however not real!

In conclusion, this happened in 2015, nearly 8 full years from now. This can show that not everything is true!

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Banner and Image Credit: Ronnie Chua

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