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The Resident! Season 1 Episode12!

The Resident! Season 1 Episode12!

Rude Awakenings and the Raptor

At the beginning of the episode we see Nic in bed with no reason to get up as she had lost her job, then we get brought to Dr Bell and in the Mirror we see Dr Hunter in bed clearly naked. Nic is seen still trying to get stuff against Doctor hunter.

In the next scene we see Dr Bell walking into the hospital and Conrad and Mina are watching him from the balcony and Conrad is clearly very unhappy so Mina tells him to fix his face.

We then brought to Dr Bell in a meeting room talking as he is the new CEO. then we see Bradly one of the surgeon’s fall though the class window onto the table and they quickly rush to sort him as he’s in very critical conditions and we see them rushing him into OR but doctors stop him and tell him he needs a scan.

Were then brought to Nic confronting Dr Hunter, and asks about Nashville and warns her she fine out about everything. We then see Conrad removing part of the metal pipe from Bradly before putting him in the scanner.

We see Nic going to visit another victim of Dr Hunter,  he was once a doctor but Lane Hunter Ruined his career. We then see Dr Bell call Mina to take the new surgeon on a tour of the hospital.

We see Mina meeting the new surgeon and she ends up walking away from him and he quickly follows after. We then see Devon and Conrad trying to figure of Bradly final moments before the fall.

We then get brought back Bradly and we see Conrad talking to his parents and there clearly worried about him they ask Mina to promise his safety she says surgeon don’t make promises however she make an acceptation for him.

We then see Bradly talking about his fall saying he wanted to escape the pressure of being a Doctor and how it causes anxiety and depression. Showing he was suffering and Conrad tell him to go and do what he loves to do best.

The new surgeon Dr Austin make one demand if he’s to work at Chastain and that is to have Mina as his right hand always and Dr Bell agrees.

The Review

This episode was a amazing we get and insight to just how mentally draining it can be to be a doctor and just how hard everything can be. It truly amazing. We also get to see a new Doctor come in and save lives and how he demands such talent from someone who is still a resident. I look forward to seeing further development for Mina and the rest of the team.



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