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Real or Fake? Coastguard Spotted a Megalodon?

Real or Fake? Coastguard Spotted a Megalodon?

This is still going, for many years the famous Megalodon theory is still going strong. People around the world believing that this massive sea creature and could still be alive, in every real or fake so far, we mention the fake that the ocean is only 5% explored and could be many interesting creatures we haven’t seen or think are extinct when they are actually alive. For example, the Megalodon! The video that is below, claims to show the Brazilian coastguard helping someone and accidentally found a Megalodon!

The video shows a coastguard in the middle of the ocean helping someone out and a massive looking shark that goes past at the top right of the screen. The shark looks to be over 60 feet long, so it is definitely not a whale and seems to have great white shark markings. Now, the ocean is only 5% explored and could have a huge possibility of this shark actually being real, however this is said to be on the discovery channel, which is it! You can see that massive shark goes past on the actual discovery channel video, so this can’t be faked right? The shark is nearly looking to be real!


The video that claimed to show a real life Megalodon found in the ocean by accident by the Brazilian coastguard is in fact… fake! The source of the video isn’t fake and the video itself was in fact from the discovery channel isn’t fake… then what is that creature in our ocean? This is in fact something that the discovery channel made to boost up viewership. They created a documentary about the Megalodon and showed that video which looked real but in fact wasn’t real at all!

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