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Real or Fake? Shark Eaten by Something Bigger?

As we all know, the world is a mysterious place, in particular Sharks. There is a lot of controversy about sharks nowadays, with the Megalodon possibly still being out there. Sharks are getting more and more dangerous as time goes on as their has been two recent attacks and this could have been by one shark. The ocean is unexplored and to this day, the Megalodon has still been undiscovered if it is out their. Nothing can prepare you for life, however there has been some strange incidents with Sharks. One in particular has been seen eaten and a fisherman has taken this photo!

Did one Shark do this? Or was it a Megalodon?

Shark eaten in half? Megalodon?

This image claims to show a shark eaten by something bigger and from the inside. This is a strange discovery as it seemed have happened recently after the image was taken. A lot of people will speculated about the Megalodon, however no proof was given to how this may or may not have happened. The image is very clear and was covered on a lot of news websites as a strange mystery, however is this a real image or another fake?

This image that claims to show a shark eaten by something bigger has been looked at. This image is in fact…. Real! Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, lets look at the realistic option.

  • Sharks are known to eat other sharks
    • This was covered on an episode called Cannibal Sharks, this is a show that sees sharks eating other sharks, meaning this could be the reason why this shark is like this, but maybe eaten by a bigger great white.
  • Something else much bigger.
    • The ocean is still unexplored and this could have been something much bigger than what we think. What do you think?

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Banner and Image Credit: Gustavo Frazao

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