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Real or Fake? Catching a Snake?

Real or Fake? Catching a Snake?

On the 5th January 2016, a video called sunbather grabs an attacking cobra with bare hands was uploaded to YouTube. It appears to show someone sunbathing and a snake comes in trying to attack them, however the women in the video manages to grab the snake by the neck and throw it away without getting anyone in danger and without any issues or bites to show for it, all we have is a 10 second video of the incident that occurred that day.

This video raised a few eyebrows, however, didn’t show any indications of being fake at all. Got it all, straight camera, the reactions of everyone when the snake was coming towards them and even a bit of a shaky camera to show some level of terror, however something seemed off with the right hand side of the screen and the way the snake was moving. There is a shadow of someone with a fish rod in the right hand side of the screen, as the guy was reeling in the snake was coming closer and closer, however the snake doesn’t appear to move properly at all, so there are some suspicious moments throughout watching this.

This video that claims to show someone grabbing a snake while it comes into attack is… Fake. The video shows someone reeling the snake towards the crowd of people and the women that grabs the snake doesn’t show any emotion of a deadly snake coming towards them. Look on the right side of the screen on the video and you’ll see someone reeling the snake in.

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