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Real or Fake? Amazon Cat Snake?

Real or Fake? Amazon Cat Snake?

TikTok can be a source to a lot of amazing videos, some funny and some interesting, however an Amazon Cat Snake… Is this Real or Fake?

The world is full of creatures that not everyone has seen in person, there will always be one that someone has not yet seen.

Some people may have seen a great white shark, others may have seen a python, however no one has seen, other than the guy taking this photo, a cat like snake!

This picture claims to be a new Snake creature known as the Amazon Cat Snake. This could be an incredible discovery!

The picture was leaked all over social media, with a lot of TikTok accounts showing this as well, however there is not much else to it other than the picture and a lot of people freaking out about this.

It looks like a Leopard mixed with a snake and a cat at the same time, which we never know is possible or not.

To a lot of people, this will look like a regular cat, until you see how his neck is shaped.

The snake like creature has been looked at by a lot of different people around the world and there is an answer to this!

The claim that this is a real cat snake has been looked at and deemed to be a massive FAKE! However, there are real Amazon Cat Snakes out there… They just don’t look like this!

This was found out by BillsChannel.

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Banner and Image Credit: Ronnie Chua

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