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Real or Fake? Huge Alligators in Sewers?

Real or Fake? Huge Alligators in Sewers?

Alligators are very dangerous towards humans, very hostile, and will attack if felt threatened. There are a lot of crocodile attacks caught on camera but are they real or fake?

Real or Fake? Huge Alligators in Sewers?

Looking at creatures is fun at times, spotting a shark in the water, seeing a crocodile in the wild, and seeing anything is fun to do at times and can create some interesting content.

There are a few people that take this one step too far and create a fake video of a shark nearly attacking them or seeing the Loch Ness Monster.

Others see them and record and something amazing happens, others record due to the shock of seeing the animal out in the wild.

This is one of those moments, a man has seen a giant Alligator in the wild but under his own home in the sewers!

Is this video of Alligators real or fake?

This video claims to show a real-life Alligator in a sewer drain, however, the Alligator does not move and only hisses at the camera as he would have been protecting himself!

The video itself looks real, nothing too bad about it other than the fact the Gator does not move!

There is a ball, a green ball, that you can see in the video that seems to be moving alongside the Alligator hissing at the man, which does indicate there was not much movie magic added to this.

There is not much bad to say about this video, as it all looks normal.

Is this real or fake?

This video that claims to show a real-life Alligator in the sewers has been looked at and has been determined to be a real video!

Finally a real video!

This video comes from a Flordia man that heard something underneath his sewers, he went to have a look and spotted what appeared to be a huge Alligator.

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