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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 3 Review

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 3 Review

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 3 Review

After the escape of Blonsky/Abomination in episode 2, it is revealed that not only did he return to prison, but he was forced to escape by a familiar face.

She-Hulk Episode 3 Plot

Walters enters the high-security prison to discuss his escape, where Blonsky revealed that he was forced to escape by Sorcerer Supreme Wong. Jen explains that this event damages the chances of parole for Blonsky and therefore calls Nikki to track Wong down.

Walters breaks the fourth wall to address the audience, not to expect cameos every week except for Blonsky, Wong and Bruce.

After a cut scene of news reports addressing women’s issues relating to equality, we are taken back to Walter’s office, and she has been asked to attend a meeting with Holliway.

Dennis is being defrauded by a New Asgardian.

In Holliway’s office, we learn that Dennis from the DA’s Office has been in a relationship with a shapeshifting light elf from New Asgard. He is wanting to claim damages as he believed he was in a relationship with Megan Thee Stallion. Dennis reveals that he only wants Pug on his case.

Wong enters the office after receiving Walters’ message to meet.

Wong explains the escape of Abomination.

Walters and Wong return to Walter’s office, where he explains that he had forced Blonsky to escape so he could fight Abomination in his path to becoming Sorcerer Supreme. Walters explains that she needs him to appear as a witness at the parole hearing, which Wong agrees to.

The Dennis case continues.

It is revealed that Dennis spent $175,000 on the Asgardian imposter. AndA after discussing the case further, Dennis leaves only to return shortly after to advise that he would like to drop the case. Pug figures that this is the shapeshifter appearing as Dennis and calls security.

Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. © 2022 MARVEL.

Blonsky’s Parole Hearing

Walters presents a number of witnesses (Sean Holt, a Prison Counselor, Amy Chance, a Librarian and Carl Cowart, a Prison Guard.) to testify as character references in favour of Blonsky’s release as a reformed man while she awaits the arrival of Wong, who has yet to appear and will be addressing the escaping issue.

The hearing is watched by Blonsky’s seven soulmates; Blair, Ruth, Marta, Sheila, Alejandra, Yvonne and Nicolette, who have pledged to accommodate Blonsky on a plot of land they have purchased for him to open a meditation retreat.

Wong appears, looking flustered, stating he lost track of time, towards the end of the hearing to testify the events surrounding the escape of the abomination. He testifies that he forced Blonsky to escape, and despite being offered sanctuary, Blonsky refused and insisted on being returned to prison.

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2022 MARVEL.

The Asgardian moves for Dismissal.

Taken to the pre-trial hearing where the shapeshifting has requested the court to dismiss Dennis’s case against her, the shapeshifter (Runa) lawyers claim she has diplomatic immunity as the daughter of an elfin diplomat, a matter that the judge rejects even after an attempted quote from thor from Runa about Asgard not being a place but a People.

After a bit of back and forth, the judge orders the case to go to trial and, after exiting the court, reappears to change his mind and dismiss the case. This is quickly revealed to be the shapeshifter once again causing mischief.

 Abomination reveals himself to the board.

After the testimony from Wong, the parole board share their concerns about Blonsky turning himself into Abomination and loosing control. Blonsky turns himself into Abomination to display the control of his behaviour when in the form of Abomination.

The Parole board adjourns to make a decision.

Walters is brought as a witness for Dennis.

We are taken to the bar with Nikki and Walters discussing several false news reports, including that walters is pregnant with the Abominations baby. Pug enters exclaiming about his client Dennies, where walters breaks the fourth wall again to congratulate the connecting of the A and B storylines.

After Walters shares her disdain for Dennis, Pug gets the idea to include Walters as a witness for Dennis.

Walters testifies about Dennis being a divisional chauvinistic individual who would believe that he would be intelligent enough to believe that he could pull Megan Thee Stallion.

This wins the case against the Asgardian, with the Judge awarding damages plus 60 days of jail time for impersonating a judge.

After the hearing Dennis, Walters and Pug are discussing the case. Dennis mentions that he wishes the elf got more than a slap on the wrist and should in fact have her powers removed.

This sparks Walters to break the fourth wall once again to say that this had given her an idea.

Abomination is Free

We are taken back to the prison, where the parole board have reviewed Blonsky’s case and has granted him parole on the condition that he cannot turn into the Abomination and must wear an inhibitor.

Walters is attacked

Walters is making her way back home when she is ambushed by a group of men armed with the tools of an Asgardian construction worker. It is revealed that they have been tasked by their boss to recover Walter’s Blood.

Episode 3 Review

It is starting to become apparent that the short running time of the episodes is having an effect of the show itself. The story is still flowing well, but there is a lot to fit in within the 27 or so minutes of runtime, and parts are starting to feel a little rushed. The main offender of this is definitely the CGI, and the quality of the appearance of She-Hulk is becoming inconsistent in regards to quality.

This is a nitpicky point, but it is generally annoying when the show’s main character is Computer generated 50% of the time. The CGI set of the external prison also feels like a semi-rushed job compared to the fantastic visual work we are used to in the MCU World.

The plot is starting to unfold slowly, and they still feel like there’s a lot to do in the 120 minutes of screen time they have left.

So who is the Boss of the attackers, what’s happening with Smart-Hulk on Sakaar and what other cases are She-hulk going to be assigned? And, what will the future hold for Blonsky and his seven soulmates?

Still a great show but a lot to be done in the next six episodes.

Yes, I am going to ignore the cut scene on this one. It seemed pointless!

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