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Time Travel Theory!

Time Travel Theory!

Time Travel, known for a lot of things, mainly from TV shows and movies such as Back to the Future and Family Guy yet again. This is a theory that in the future someone has managed to perfect the fabric of time, meaning they can go back in time and see how the world use to look. This can also mean they can go into the future.

There has been a number of times someone has said that this has been proven but no one will ever know if this is true as there is a massive issue with people using photoshop.

Scientists have stated that this could be possible, however in our life time, maybe not.

Time travel has been a massive thing for some time. A lot of people believe that time travel is a thing.

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The concept is as follows, someone is able to go back in time and see anything that was their, for example they are able to go back to the Dinosaur era and to the middle age era. There is one issue, if someone goes back and changes one things, from a rock in a different location to someone preventing a massive issue, that could change the fabric of time and everything would be different.

For example, Family Guy did an episode about Stewie and Brian stopping a disaster that took place, this ended with the present being changed for the worse as someone started war on America, once they went back to make the disaster happen again, things were back to how the present day was. Not a bad way to put it, however stating that changing a disaster and or changing anything could change the fabric of time and could change how people see the present now.

Now, looking at Time Travel, someone would say “why don’t we all just go back and change all the disasters”… This could be a huge risk as this could change your path. Something in your time would be different compared to one disaster happening.

Time Travel

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Going into the future could be great for some stuff and bad for others. If someone went to the future and told everyone about a disaster or anything that was going to happen, everyone would act differently and then that path would be different, meaning the disaster may not happen that day.

For some people, they believe that one man can Time Travel, the creator of the Simpsons. This comes after a lot of things that the Simpsons predicted has come true, making everyone believe that there is something the Simpsons is hiding from us!

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