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The Resident! Season 2 Episode 3!

The Resident! Season 2 Episode 3!

Three Words

The episode start seeing the doctors at the bar clearly enjoying there time together after long shift. We then get brought back to the hospital where Nic is in a daze when we see Conrad and another doctor running just to get fluids while other hospital Dr and Nurses are stashing them away since there seems to be shortage.

Then there was a couple that are in the ER and the wife is clearly sick but the husband has a persistent cough. We find out that the husband gave his wife part of his Liver for a transplant and he worried about her rejecting it.

Dr Bell has a new business idea and Marshal is dead set that he should go with him to meet these new investors. Dr Bell agrees to fly in Marshal jet with him. We then see Devon talking to a patient who says he been struck by lightening however turns out it’s a broken pacemaker.

The woman then goes into critical condition as fluid is around her preventing it from pumping properly and they need to rush her upstairs. The husband begins to coughs more but he question Conrad but he assures him he can do this. We then see a flashback from Nic watching Conrad drain fluid from the heart for the first time.

Then we see Marshal and Doctor Bell on the plane talking this new business venture and he tells him some information he found out about the investors however Doctor Bell ignores him.

Then Mina and Dr Austin are in the OR and Mina is seen using the robot and she was there to teach him however Dr Austin prefers not to use a machine and rather work with his own two hands. However he does know how to use the machine.

The husband then collapse the wife calls for help and Nic and Conrad rush in to help him. They then get him to the ER the wife wanted to go with him but she couldn’t because she still needed treatment. We find out that the couple both have very bad lungs and that they don’t know what caused it however the husband is in way worse shape.

Marshal then drops a bombshell on Dr Bell parade calling out each partner for the new business idea and scares them off since he couldn’t risk the hospital losing anymore money.

We then see Julian offering to help Devon with his Bollywood dance that his girlfriend want him to do at the wedding. When the man with the broken pacemaker goes critical and Dr Austin talks Devon though a point of care to save the man life. They then get the man rushed to ICU and get him ready to get a new device.

Conrad and Nic decide to go to the couple home to investigate and what they find out its that the fumes from making there own pottery it has caused this massive infection that is treatable but has been undetected too long.

Dr Austin stand up to Doctor Bell and he tells Mina that this was there last time in the OR but she corrects him and tells him it’s not because Bell would’ve fired him right then and there. The husband surgery was a success

The review

In this episode we really got to see what a simple hobby can cause and how relationships and past can haunt your memories on each person you meet and have experience with and to show just how people can change. There was important message behind the episode showing that everyone can change no matter there past.




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