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Summoners War! Mina!

Summoners War! Mina!

In this post I’m going to be writing about the Water Martial Cat with the awakening name Mina, this unit is a PvP based unit and is also another unit that has been given a secondary awakening within the game. I personally enjoy this unit as she fast and is able to nuke one unit near enough instantly. She can sometimes be used in PvE content but mainly in the hall of fire. She is also very popular in world arena during special league. In the screenshot below you’ll her first awakening and then her secondary awakening form.

First awakening

Secondary awakening

This unit got what normal secondary awakening which was a normal basic state boost increase. This unit is also very fun to use and very free to play friendly she also a unit that is used in the fusion for the Water Phoenix known as Sigmarus. As said before she is an secondary awakening in the screenshot below you’ll see a team I’ve used also below is an arena team I use sometimes with Mina.

Secondary awakening dungeon:

Arena team

Now lets talk about runes, this unit is naturally very fast but it always good for her to be even with that one of the most common builds I find for her is Swift Blade or Swift Will. Unfortunaly mine isn’t a normal build since I wanted abit more hp on my unit so mine is runed Swift, Energy.


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