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Summoner War! Chris!

Summoner War! Chris!

In this post we are talking about a unit known as Chris which is the light magical archer personally I feel this unit is more of an Arena based unit and her second skill which I feel is more damaging that the other two and this unit deals its main damage due to it’s speed.

Chris is a unit that you can obtain from Light and Dark scrolls she not a three start like the normal element units she is actually 4 star unit. She is a very good single target damage dealer, I would advise teaming her up with a speed lead and a speed buffer for her to show some real damage. Below you an arena offence team which I most commonly use in my arena, I also use this team a lot during rush hour also.

Furthermore, I also use this unit in the likes of siege and guild battles unfortunately there wasn’t any strong defences when grabbing the snap shot of the team but it’s still a team I regularly use against a load of normal teams in guild.

Most common rune build for this unit is Swift, Blade or Swift, Will as you can see below my Chris is built Swift Blade and she has a bit of everything.


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