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Stardew Valley: Harvey Biogarphy

Stardew Valley: Harvey Biogarphy


Harvey is a villager who lives in Pelican Town. He runs the town’s medical clinic and is passionate about the health of the townsfolk. He’s one of the twelve characters available to marry.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Harvey gives villagers their annual or quarterly checkups. On most other days he spends the morning manning the counter at the clinic, and the afternoon taking exercise around town.

On rainy days, Harvey leaves the clinic and walks upstairs to his room at 12pm, regardless of whether or not there are patients in the clinic. Later, he stops by the Stardrop Saloon.

After the Beach Resort on Ginger Island is unlocked, Harvey may randomly spend the day there. After leaving the Island at 6pm, Harvey will immediately go home to bed. Harvey never visits the Resort on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Festival days.

Heart Event

Two Heart Events

Enter George’s house while George is there.

Harvey is performing a private check-up on George. He tries to explain that George needs to make some lifestyle changes if he wants to keep healthy, but George seems irritated with his advice and states that he knows what’s best for his own body. Harvey explains that he went to school for eight years so that he could help people in an attempt to get George to cooperate, but then his attention is drawn away as he notices your arrival. Harvey says you shouldn’t be there because it is a private session, but George stops you from leaving by asking for a second opinion on the matter.

  • “George should follow Dr. Harvey’s advice.”  He again says that he’s only trying to help and George finally gives in and agrees to follow doctor’s orders. After that Harvey thanks you for the help and say that he appreciates you.
  • “George knows what’s best for his own body.” He sighs and tells George that if he’s going to behave like this, Harvey will have to tell George’s wife and she won’t be happy. George begrudgingly concedes to the doctor’s orders. Harvey tells you that it’s better not to give patients mixed messages.

Four Hearts Events

Harvey says he was just about to write you a letter about how you’re due for your annual check-up. As he’s looking you over, he notices your pulse seems high.

  • “I’m a little nervous…”  Harvey assumes that it’s because of the Hospital and tells you to relax because he’s here to help.
  • “I’m out of breath from working on the farm.”
  • “Are you really a doctor? My pulse is fine!”

At the end of it, Harvey declares you healthy and says you should take care not to overwork yourself on the farm.

Six Hearts Events

Enter the general store between 11am and 3pm.

You witness a dance aerobics session with some of the ladies and, unexpectedly, Harvey. Harvey seems out of breath as the session comes to an end, heading towards the door to leave but running into you on the way. Harvey seems incredibly embarrassed when he finds out you were watching, wanting to keep it a secret. He explains that he’s doing it to stay healthy, which becomes more difficult with age and the stress of running the clinic essentially alone. Harvey seems discouraged because of how difficult it is for him to keep up with the rest of the group, figuring he must not be in good shape. He asks you not to tell the rest of the town that he’s doing dance aerobics.

  • “I won’t tell” Harvey thanks you and says that he appreciates you.
  • “I can’t promise that.”  Harvey sighs and says “rude”.

Eight Hearts

Enter the clinic.

You head into Harvey’s room to find him using his equipment in an attempt to contact a pilot. He suddenly gets a response, surprising him and making his pulse race, but he manages to respond with his coordinates before quickly signing off. As you enter the room, you are presented with two choices:

  • “Ask Harvey why he’s all flustered.”
  • “Pretend like everything’s normal.”

Either way, Harvey’s response is the same. He notices you and tells you he made contact with a real pilot. He excitedly tells you to come over to the window to watch the pilot fly overhead with him. After the plane passes Harvey opens up about how he always wanted to be a pilot when he was younger, but couldn’t because of his bad eyesight and crippling fear of heights. He tells you not to be sad about it, that he’s accepted not everyone can achieve their dreams and that is just the way the world is. Harvey tries to lighten the mood by asking you to look at his model planes, having just finished the TR-Starbird deluxe set.

Ten Hearts

Harvey sends you a letter asking to meet at the railroad tracks. Go there between 9am and 5pm.

When you meet him there, he says he’s glad you came and that something should be happening very soon. A man in a hot air balloon, Marcello, lands nearby, says the balloon is yours for the next two hours, and heads into town for the Stardrop Saloon. Harvey tells you that he saw the hot air balloon rental advertised in the newspaper and thought it was a perfect thing to do together. Before hopping in, you can either immediately get to it or ask him why he did this since you know about his incredible fear of heights. If you opt to ask him, he bashfully explains that while his fear is still a major factor, he admires you and your courage and says that it should be more than enough for the both of you.

Boarding the hot air balloon, Harvey switches on the burner below to make it ascend but freaks out once he realizes how fast it’s rising. High in the sky, his mood oscillates between fear and elation, eventually coming to his senses and remembering that you’re there with him. He marvels at how much he can see below and is glad that he’s doing this with you. Soon before the two-hour rental is up, you draw close into a kiss. You return the balloon to the rental man at least a half hour late.

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