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Resident Evil 8: Karl Heisenberg

Resident Evil 8: Karl Heisenberg


Lord Karl Heisenberg was a human mutant who lived in an Eastern European mountain range. A genius in engineering, he is presumably the patriarch of the Heisenberg family. He runs the inherited Heisenberg Factory, located just outside the village.


Heisenberg was kidnapped and subjected to the Cadou parasite experiments by Mother Miranda, who tried to brainwash him into being her servant. With only limited success. Eventually, he, Alcina Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento, and Salvatore Moreau became Miranda’s lieutenants.

Among the Lords of the Four Houses, Heisenberg was the only one who held a grudge against Miranda, due to her own selfish desire to revive her late daughter at the expense of the villagers and how she saw their “family” as nothing more than experiments.

As such, he secretly planned a rebellion to get his freedom back, building an army of cyberized reanimated corpses and hoping to use Rose’s latent powers to defeat Miranda. At one point, he attempted to persuade Ethan to join him. One the other hand,  the latter refused upon Heisenberg revealing his plan to weaponize Rose.

The Heisenberg family was closely associated with the noble Beneviento, Moreau, and Dimitrescu families, and maintained an alliance with them in controlling the region. According to sources, Heisenberg rarely strayed from his family’s factory, preferring to hole himself up in its walls.

Eastern Europe

First Confrontation with Ethan

Heisenberg first met Ethan as he ventured to Castle Dimitrescu, encountering him in a chamber before the Castle. He noted that Ethan was an outsider, and that Mother Miranda would like him, before impaling him with a metal bar and encasing him in scrap metal.

Afterwards, Heisenberg dragged Ethan to a meeting with Miranda and the other Lords. At one point, he told Angie and Moreau to stop talking before belittling Lady Dimitrescu and making his case to Miranda to decide Ethan’s fate. He won out, but Dimitrescu protested, to which he responded by insulting her further before Miranda called for silence.

He proceeded to put on a show for the Lords, forcing Ethan to run through the mines and evade an ever-increasing number of Lycans, before finally subjecting him to a large grinder to kill him with. However, Ethan escaped unharmed.


Second Confrontation with Ethan

Almost a full day later, after Dimitrescu, Beneviento, and Moreau had been killed by Ethan, Heisenberg contacted him through a television screen two times, once to direct him to his flask, containing a piece of Rose, and again to lead Ethan to his factory.

When Ethan discovered Heisenberg’s wall covered with crossed-out pictures of the other Lords and Mia, Heisenberg made his presence known to him and told him to sit down. After forcing him to comply, he revealed to Winters that Miranda had been using him to kill each of the House Lords one by one with the intention to replace them as Miranda’s sole enforcer.

Knowing that he was the next intended fight, Heisenberg instead proposed that they work together to kill Miranda using the revived Rose as a weapon. When Ethan refused, Heisenberg gave him one last chance to accept.

When Ethan responded that he’ll “take his chances”, a disappointed Heisenberg dropped him into a hole to be killed by the Sturm, but Ethan manages to escape from it.

Mutation and Death

Despite Heisenberg’s hopes that Ethan would no longer bother him, he came back and exited the factory through the use of the machine that Heisenberg had created and Chris Redfield prepared and entrusted to him. Angered that he continued to challenge him. But willing to fight him nonetheless. The two engaged in combat, with Heisenberg mutating inside the metal apparatus he had created to becoming a massive cybernetic creature.

Throughout the battle, Heisenberg continually taunted Ethan, prematurely claiming victory and ridiculing his attempts to kill him multiple times.

The battle continued until the explosives that Chris had planted detonated inside the factory, destroying it entirely and all the machines that lay within. Outraged at the loss of his army and factory, Heisenberg continued to fight Ethan with vigor until he created a whirlwind of metal, lifting him into the air and attempting to kill him one last time.

However, Ethan managed to grab on to the machine Chris had given him in midair and launched its full arsenal at Heisenberg, damaging his apparatus beyond repair. Distraught, Heisenberg once more proclaimed his need to kill Miranda, after which he exploded and calcified, with only his crystalized remains all that was left of him.

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