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Real or Fake? Kid Safed Himself From Sharks?

Real or Fake? Kid Safed Himself From Sharks?

There is a lot of real or fakes out there, however is this a real video of a kid escaping and saving himself from sharks? Or is this a fake video?

The ocean is not what everyone thinks it is. It is not always sunny days at the beach, nothing to worry about and more.

Sometimes the ocean is a cruel and mysterious place.

Sharks are one of the deadliest type of sea creatures that can attack anyone at any time if they feel threatened. Everything can happen and everything can go wrong.

Sharks are one of the deadliest sea creatures we all have to cope with and one kid managed to escape and safe himself from them. Is this video real? Or is it fake?

Real or Fake? Kid Safed Himself From Sharks?

This video claims to show a “daredevil” jumping into the ocean to climb a dead whale while deadly sharks surrounded the whale.

The video looks incredibly real, nothing fake about it so far, however the sharks are not shown until after the man boards the whale.

Later on in the video you can see the sharks appear and surround the whale. Strange to think that anyone would actually do this, however this is why real or fake is a thing!

Is this real or fake?

The video that claims to show a man jumping into shark invested waters to climb a whale has been looked at. This is deemed to be a real video!

This is a strange event that took place, however the man really did jump into shark infested waters to climb a whale.

Doing more research into this, the man that did it was from Australia and his name is Harrison.

He was interviewed on the news about this event and was asked what people thought of this stunt he pulled.

He replied “Mum thinks I’m an idiot and my dads not too proud either”. Not many parents would be.

Not only this, authorities were considering to fine the young thrill-seeker due to his actions, however they have said they will not due to the fact the whale was already dead and he didn’t, and quote, remove any of it.

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