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Resident Evil 8: Ethan Winters

Resident Evil 8: Ethan Winters


Ethan Winters was an American mutant trained as systems engineer. One of many mutant victims of biological weaponry. Winters was infected with a weaponized species of Mold during the 2017 Dulvey incident.

He and his wife Mia were rescued by the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. They were placed under witness protection in Eastern Europe. This protection ultimately unraveled in February 2021 when their daughter, Rosemary, was abducted by Mother Miranda.

Winters was successful in rescuing Rosemary, but gave his life to protect a BSAA tiltrotor.

Ethan but his face still hasn’t been revealed.

 Abduction of Rosemary (2021)

In early 2021, the BSAA was subject to a data leak, exposing both the Winterses location and the existence of Rosemary. This information soon reached Miranda. Miranda lived in the house for several days, and was able to maintain the deception. Although the two argued a number of times, there is evidence to suggest Winters and the real Mia were already having problems.

Unknown to Winters and Miranda, they were now subject to reconnaissance by the BSAA. On February 2, 2021, they celebrated Rose’s half birthday. On the 6th, he and Mia began to argue when he brought up the Baker House Incident as he felt a part of him still trapped there.On a fateful night, he expresses his concern over his wife Mia telling Rose a local fairytale named Village of Shadows.

She then sarcastically ask him to put his daughter to bed. Ethan notes her as someone who had gone full native. Mia then tells Ethan to stop worrying, and he notes recent events moving fast. He and his wife then have an argument, Ethan accusing his wife of forgetting everything that had happened in Louisiana. Mia is then shot in the shoulder by an unseen assailant.

Chris’s Raid

He is dragged out of the house on Chris’s orders. Ethan recalls a time he argued with Mia about their fears over Rosemary’s true nature and the effects she might have inherited from the both of them. Their argument ends when he answers a call from his job.

Ethan awakens at his overturned convoy, with the guards dead and Rosemary nowhere to be seen. He picks up a nearby ringing phone where he demands the caller to divulge Chris’s and Rose’s location.He then stumbles on to an old shack and starts to explore the nearby surroundings. He comes across a large village, which he finds recently deserted.

Ethan in the Village

He encounters a villager, Grigori, hiding and armed with a shotgun. He interrogates Ethan, but before Ethan can respond. The house is surrounded by werewolf-like people known as Lycans. Grigori offers a handgun to Ethan before he is killed by a Lycan, while Ethan is dragged down to the basement by another Lycan.

However, upon exiting the house, a large pack of Lycans led by the large Uriaș converge on him. Before they can kill him, the bells at the castle ring and the horde runs off.He then comes across an old woman, who asks if he was the “child’s father”. When he confirms this, the woman proclaims that after Rosemary was brought to the village by the village deity Mother Miranda.

Luiza’s House

Eventually, he comes across two surviving villagers, Elena and her injured father, Leonardo, who are hoping to join the rest of the survivors at Luiza’s House but no one is letting them in. Luiza then guides him to the house, meeting other survivors: the drunken Anton, the mourning Roxana, and the crippled Sebastian.

Suddenly, Leonardo roars in pain before attacking and killing Luiza with his machete, as well as knocking over a lantern that causes a fire. Ethan beckons Elena to escape as Leonardo, exhibiting Lycan abilities, kills the rest of the survivors. Leonardo pounces at Ethan before Elena fires at her father with a shotgun blast.

Ethan in the castle

Ethan heads to the castle but is captured by a man with electromagnetic powers before he can enter. The man drags him to meeting with Mother Miranda and four other “lords”: Alcina DimitrescuDonna BenevientoSalvatore Moreau, and his captor Karl Heisenberg.

Dimitrescu and Heisenberg argue who should have him, with her wanting to kill Ethan. Miranda decides that Ethan’s fate belongs to Heisenberg. He begins counting down from ten as Ethan jumps down a hole in the corner of the room. He narrowly avoids Lycans and traps and manages to escape.

Ethan meeting Dimitrescu Family

Making his way out of the trap tunnel, he arrives in front of Dimitrescu’s castle. There he meets The Duke, a merchant who offers him weapons and supplies for his journey ahead.  As he enters the castle in hopes of finding Rose, he is captured by Dimitrescu’s daughters BelaCassandra, and Daniela. They drag him to meet their mother, who is surprised that he survived Heisenberg’s game.

As Ethan explores the castle, he encounters Cassandra, who attacks him. He narrowly escapes by jumping down a shaft, and crawls to the castle’s wine tasting room. From there, he passes through the castle’s dungeon, where he fights off several mutated women known as Moroaicǎ.Arriving back at the main floor of the castle, Ethan is attacked and caught by Bela. Ethan attempts to shoot her, but his bullets do nothing. Instead, a stray shot breaks a window, letting in the cold winter air. Bela, horrified by what he has done.

Ethan makes his way through the castle, solving more puzzles and battling various Moroaicǎ, before overhearing a conversation between Dimitrescu and Miranda on the phone. Dimitrescu demands Miranda’s permission to kill Ethan as he has already killed one of her daughters.

Alcina encountered Winters trying to sneak into her bedroom and, falsely claiming that she never had Rose. Then pummelled him through the floor in a fit of rage, inadvertently allowing him to escape through the catacombs below.

Dimitrescu followed closely behind, declaring she would hunt him down and break him for killing her daughters, prompting Winters. However, he did not get far before having his hand sliced off by Alcina, who interposed with sadistic resolution that he would pay with his life for insulting House Dimitrescu and ending her bloodline.

Boss fight

As Winters entered the Dimitrescu family crypt, Alcina grabbed him from behind and impaled him in the stomach with her claws. Winters counteracted this by stabbing her in the side with the Dagger of Death’s Flowers. But lost the blade after being flung through a glass window by Alcina.

Suffering from the effects of the unique blend of poisons in the dagger. Dimitrescu began to mutate exponentially and took on the form of a massive, winged dragon-like creature.The two fought on the rooftops of the castle, with Dimitrescu’s size making it difficult for her to catch him, even breaking a hole in a wall which allowed him to ascend a tower.

As she began to calcify while climbing the stairs after him. Dimitrescu made one final attempt at killing Winters by pulling him down with her as she plummeted to the castle grounds below. Realising that Winters survived the fall, she cursed his name one last time before crumbling to pieces. Leaving only her crystalized remains left intact. With her death, the Dimitrescu family was ended once and for all.

Meeting Donna

Following Ethan’s battle with Alcina Dimitrescu, he embarked on a mission to retrieve all of Rose Winters’ body parts. The first area he was able to visit was House Beneviento. On the way to the estate, he unwittingly inhaled the pollen of Mold-infected flowers. This was allowing Donna to taunt him with hallucinations of his dead wife.

Upon reaching the house and travelling to the basement, Ethan came across the seemingly unattended leg flask on top of Angie. As he tried to grab it, however, Donna cut the power and the flask disappeared, along with all of Ethan’s weapons.

Escaping the Basement

As Ethan searched for a way to escape, she taunted him with dolls resembling Mia, recordings of Mia’s private thoughts, and mementos of their time raising Rose. As he searched further, he was pursued by a gross fetus-like monster which echoed  wails throughout the halls. It is likely that many of the things he experienced after reaching the basement. All were hallucinations created by Donna.

When Ethan managed to return to the ground level of the house, Donna appeared with Angie, begging him not to leave. She sent her dolls to attack him, but he managed to fend them off.

Angie hid throughout the house, instructing Ethan to find her before her “friends” killed him. He managed to find Angie three times, stabbing her with a pair of scissors each time. After stabbing Angie once more. The illusion broke and Ethan realised he had been stabbing Donna herself all along.

He only caught a glimpse of her before she calcified and crumbled away. Leaving behind a lifeless Angie and a piece of the Four-Winged Unborn Key. Afterwards, a hidden pedestal with the Legs Flask was revealed near the front door of the mansion.

Meeting Moreau

During Ethan’s trip across the reservoir Moreau will attempt at many points to knock the player off of the floating structures. The player must move after he has performed his action or get off of the rickety platforms before he reaches him to avoid being eaten.

During his boss battle on the bed of the reservoir he primarily attacks via spewing acidic bile at Ethan. The human portion of the creature will often retreat into his mouth. Although this looks like his weak spot, Moreau does not take any more damage if the player shoots it.

After taking enough damage Moreau will proceed to climb up onto a structure and spew his acidic bile in the air. The player must find shelter under some of the outcroppings to avoid being injured by the rain. He will also create enzyme barriers blocking off paths and requiring the player to stop and attack them in order to pass.

Like Dimitrescu, if enough damage is done to the creature quickly enough it will slump over exposing the human weak point to repeated attacks. However it is only possible to attack this weak point from the front as it is not visible from any other side.

Meeting Heisenberg

Almost a full day later, after Dimitrescu, Beneviento, and Moreau had been killed by Ethan, Heisenberg contacted him through a television screen two times, once to direct him to his flask, containing a piece of Rose, and again to lead Ethan to his factory.

When Ethan discovered Heisenberg’s wall covered with crossed-out pictures of the other Lords and Mia, Heisenberg made his presence known to him and told him to sit down. After forcing him to comply, he revealed to Winters that Miranda had been using him to kill each of the House Lords one by one with the intention to replace them as Miranda’s sole enforcer.

Knowing that he was the next intended fight, Heisenberg instead proposed that they work together to kill Miranda using the revived Rose as a weapon. When Ethan refused, Heisenberg gave him one last chance to accept.

When Ethan responded that he’ll “take his chances”, a disappointed Heisenberg dropped him into a hole to be killed by the Sturm, but Ethan manages to escape from it.

Heisenberg and his death

Despite Heisenberg’s hopes that Ethan would no longer bother him, he came back and exited the factory through the use of the machine that Heisenberg had created and Chris Redfield prepared and entrusted to him. Angered that he continued to challenge him. But willing to fight him nonetheless. The two engaged in combat, with Heisenberg mutating inside the metal apparatus he had created to becoming a massive cybernetic creature.

Throughout the battle, Heisenberg continually taunted Ethan, prematurely claiming victory and ridiculing his attempts to kill him multiple times.

The battle continued until the explosives that Chris had planted detonated inside the factory, destroying it entirely and all the machines that lay within. Outraged at the loss of his army and factory, Heisenberg continued to fight Ethan with vigor until he created a whirlwind of metal, lifting him into the air and attempting to kill him one last time.

However, Ethan managed to grab on to the machine Chris had given him in midair and launched its full arsenal at Heisenberg, damaging his apparatus beyond repair. Distraught, Heisenberg once more proclaimed his need to kill Miranda, after which he exploded and calcified, with only his crystalized remains all that was left of him.

Meeting Mother Miranda

Miranda waited at the ceremony site as the Fungal Root grew more and more, destroying the eastern and southern parts of the village in the process. It was at this point BSAA Europe finally made their move, having been investigating the region independently from Redfield. This operation was not a sizeable threat to her preparations, however, and the colony had grown to sufficient mass to produce imitation Lycans and Moroi to fend off any operators on the ground. The real threat to Miranda came from Winters himself, who she discovered had mutated to possess a hyper-regenerative ability which allowed him to survive her murder attempt, though was still in the process of dying. When confronted, Miranda continued with the ritual but discovered to her horror that the reincorporated Rose was fighting back the super-colony. As a result, Miranda, and possibly the Black God as a whole, were weakened, and the Eva’s consciousness failed to take over.

With Winters and Redfield taking the offensive, Miranda was forced to take extreme measures and underwent a series of transformations. Having lost her regenerative ability due to Rose taking some of her power, Miranda was once more susceptible to injuries she otherwise would have been invulnerable from. Ultimately, Winters gained the upper hand by using this opportunity to gradually crystallize her, as her body slowly broke down from his offenses. With a final cry of Eva’s name, Miranda’s physical body finally crumbled, at last dying after over a hundred years of life, though her consciousness became one with the Black God in the process.

In a beaten and weakened state, Winters pleaded with Redfield to take Rose back to Mia and the escape helicopter so that he could ensure their safety. Taking Redfield’s detonator, Winter’s charged the growing fungus, and blew himself up in the process. The explosion decimated the entirety of the village, killing the remaining Lycans and ensuring Miranda’s death for good. Winters died in the blast, but his death meant the world would not be harmed by Miranda anymore.

Ethan Death

After a long battle, Ethan strikes a killing blow to Miranda, causing her to yell her daughter’s name. Ethan takes his daughter back, only to fall onto his knees in weakness after his right hand calcifies. Chris finds a frail Ethan, assisting them to their safety. Chris informs Ethan of a bomb that will obliterate the entire village and how Mia is actually alive waiting for him. After leaving some tearful parting words to both Rose and Chris, along with his bloodied jacket to cover his daughter, Ethan then gives Rose to Chris before stealing the bomb’s trigger as he pushes them when tree root-like Mold grows to surround the area.

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