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Resident Evil 8: Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 8: Chris Redfield


Captain Chris Redfield is an American operator in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. In which he has served since its foundation in 2003. Redfield has built up and dedicated his career in destroying Bio Organic Weapons. And fighting against producers and sellers of bioweapons after his experiences with bioterrorism in 1998.

He is the older brother of TerraSave member Claire Redfield. He is also the mentor of American superhuman Rosemary Winters.


Early life & Air Force career

Not much is known about Redfield’s early life, except that he and Claire had lost their parents at some point before 1998. Having only each other as family. As an adult, Redfield joined the United States Air Force, where he received flight training for both planes and helicopters.

He served in a unit alongside Barry Burton, whom he befriended. Redfield held strong convictions that often put him at odds with his senior officers, and he either resigned in protest or was discharged for insubordination. During this period Redfield also trained with a variety of weapons, including knives, and was known for his skills in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship, which he won a contest for.

Eastern Europe, Miranda and the Village Incident

Over time, Redfield became distrusting and more critical of the BSAA after the Dulvey incident. Most likely because of the organization’s coverup of the incident. He spent the next three years with the BSAA elite Hound Wolf Squad, which he commandeered without HQ authorization and seemingly went rogue.

This was  in order to chase down the insane bioweapon named Miranda, who planned to use the Mold for her own plans. This put the Winters family in danger as Miranda was targeting the family’s baby Rosemary, whom she believed to be an improved version of Eveline.

Discovering that Miranda had swapped places with Mia Winters, Redfield believed Ethan may be compromised and decided that keeping Rose safe was paramount. Chris led an assault on the Winters home with the Squad and killed “Mia” in front of Ethan; he refused to answer Ethan’s questions and knocked him out for transfer.

After Miranda survived the attack, killed the escorts, and took Rosemary Winters into the nearby village, Redfield made it top priority to find Ethan and Rose. By the time Redfield found the convoy that was to escort the Winters’ to Area C, both Ethan and Rose were long gone.

Upon entering the village, Redfield and his men found evidence of Ethan Winters, but would not find him until they crossed paths in the Reservoir, where the Hound Wolf Squad had been setting up a research post. Still not aware that “Mia” was Miranda in disguise.

Ethan angrily denounced Redfield for killing his wife. However, before Redfield can respond, an operator urges Redfield to move the team off the Reservoir, fearing the possibility that Miranda knows their location. Ethan pressed for more info, but Redfield shut him down and insisted that he is out of his depth. Seconds later, a mutated fish attacks the cabin they are stationed in; Redfield pushes Ethan out of harm’s way, thereby separating the two once more.

The next time Redfield encounters Ethan is in Heisenberg’s factory, which the former had intended to blow up. Not long after Ethan falls to the bottom level, he is subdued and disarmed by Redfield.

who was in the process of planting the explosives. Here, Redfield finally reveals to Ethan that the “Mia” he shot back at their home was not Mia at all, but Miranda in disguise. Ethan refuses to believe this, and asks why Redfield did not tell him of the situation right away.

Redfield answers that he knew Ethan would want to get involved, as Redfield felt he would only jeopardize the mission. After explaining the origins of Miranda and her monsters to Ethan, Redfield instructs him to take the elevator topside. Ethan hijacks Heisenberg’s self-propelled artillery to take out Heisenberg while Redfield finishes planting the explosives in the factory.

During Ethan’s fight with Heisenberg, the explosives go off inside of his factory, killing all of the monsters inside. After Heisenberg’s defeat, Ethan is contacted over phone by Redfield. Ethan tells him of Heisenberg’s defeat before vowing to take Rose back from Miranda.

Redfield strongly urges Ethan not to go up against Miranda alone, and that he should wait for the Hound Wolf Squad to show up. However, Ethan ignores Redfield and confronts Miranda anyway. As a result, Miranda rips out Ethan’s heart, seemingly killing him.

A member of the Hound Wolf Squad contacts Redfield and informs him of Ethan’s death. Redfield laments to his other squad members that he and his team were careless in how they handled the situation, before vowing to avenge Ethan’s death. Entering the village once more, he notices that the BSAA have already arrived and orders the men to terminate Miranda and save Rose. Urging Wolf Squad member Canine to investigate the BSAA’s activities, Redfield and his accomplices pursue Miranda within the village.

Redfield then heads off to destroy the Fungal Root and orders everyone to eliminate hostile bioweapons. He manages to reach the target with the use of support fire from Lobo, he attaches an N2 bomb with a knife and throws it up to the Fungal Root. Redfield then orders his men to have eyes on Miranda but keep their distance as he heads to Miranda’s lab. Redfield is told that they should have informed Ethan of their plan sooner but he responds that there wasn’t any time and that he didn’t expect Miranda to act so soon. Inside her lab, he learns everything regarding her involvement in making Eveline, and Spencer’s connection with her.

Redfield also found Mia. Fearing that she is in fact Miranda, he asks Umber Eyes to confirm Miranda’s location and learned she is still at the ceremony site. Redfield is relieved that the real Mia is still alive, but Mia demands to know the whereabouts of Ethan and Rose. He informs her of Ethan’s death but promises that he can still save Rose. Mia tells Redfield that Ethan isn’t gone yet and that she had been trying to keep it a secret as he doesn’t know how special Ethan truly is.

Seeing as their surroundings aren’t safe, he places her in his escape chopper. Learning that Miranda was about to conduct a ceremony with the Mold on Rose, Redfield tries to keep Ethan away for the child’s sake, but an already fatally wounded Ethan ignores him and fights Miranda. After Miranda is killed, Redfield tries to help Ethan leave; however, Ethan knows it was too late for him and instead has Redfield promise to help raise Rose to be strong. Returning to his escape vehicle, Redfield gives Rose to Mia and watches the explosion a safe distance away, grieving Ethan’s sacrifice.

While on their helicopter ride back, Redfield painfully reveals to Mia that Ethan had sacrificed himself for them. Shortly after, one of the Hound Wolf Squad discovers that the body of the BSAA soldier in their aircraft was a B.O.W., a mutant sent by the very organization founded to fight biological weapons of mass destruction. Because of the disturbing implications of this, Redfield decides for their helicopter to change course straight for the BSAA’s headquarters in Europe to get to the bottom of things.

Post Eastern Europe

Redfield’s devastated from pressures & guilt about losing Ethan for years. He affectionately cares Rose as his family, she gives him a big hug, when she sees him occasionally, while he gave her Ethan’s yellow jacket, with having to reassure the teachers of Rose’s harmlessness when her mutant ability started to reveal itself upon anxiety and stress. In 2037, Chris keeps his promise to Ethan, helping raise Rose to be strong of heart. With Dion Wilson, they forced Rose to have basic training to defend herself from threat. Chris asked her to join with his operation but was declined after she sees the work that he put his Hound Wolf Squad through but following her experience inside Realm of Consciousness, Rose accepted Chris’s invitation to be in his squad, but kept some abilities secretly from him, with Ethan as her memory beside them.

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