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Real or Fake? Massive Goldfish?

Real or Fake? Massive Goldfish?

The world is, well strange… There is never something that isn’t so hard to understand. From Goldfish to Trees, there is always something for scientists to discover. The ocean however is one of the world’s biggest miseries. Only 5% of our oceans explored, however what about rivers? Rivers are known to be searched, kind of. There is a lot of rivers around the world, however their is one image that a lot of people

Goldfish, real or fake

This image claims to show a massive goldfish looking fish. This image seems to look like the fish is either fake and cropped in, or the fish has been enlarged as it looks kind of FISHY… The guy in the picture however has his own Facebook page, Raphael Biagini. This guy has been seen catching millions of massive fish that look too big to be true! There will always be something about this image, however is this real or fake?

The claim that this is a real life massive goldfish has been looked at and examined, this wasn’t very hard for us here at Five Minutes Spare. This image is in fact, REAL! We’re gonna need a bigger bowl! Yes, this image is in fact very real. A YouTuber by the name of Bill, BillsChannel, looked at this and did his research more than us!

This was a strange one for us, a massive Goldfish seems way to out there to be real, however this is a real life massive Goldfish that was found by Raphael Biagini.

Now, how is this possible? They are a part of the carb family tree, which could tell us why they are starting to become bigger over time. This could also explain how big fish are getting nowadays.

Banner and Image Credit: Net Vector

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