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The Man Eating Crocodiles?

The Man Eating Crocodiles?

The world is full of creatures that is known for killing humans, there has been a lot of encounters with sharks, crocodiles and even some pets like dogs can be known to kill, however there is one legend that has been around for some time! This is a man eating crocodile!

This legend started in the 1990s where a man by the name of Patrice Faye, a herpetologist who was actually studying the animal found him. Even gave him the name Gustave!

Gustave was known as a massive man eating crocodile which is rumoured to have killed more than 300 people in his time.

The Crocodile can be found in the Ruzizi River and in the northern shore of Lake Tanganyika.

The number of victims is yet to be identified, however it is believed to be above 200 at least! As one sighting claims that he killed 10 guys at once and was still looking for more.

Image Credit: News18


So far, the man eating croc, Gustave, has not been captured, however the description is believed to be the massive!

Some eye witnesses from 2002 stated that he is “easily more than 20 feet (6.1 m)” long, and weigh more than 2,000 pounds (910 kg).

A scary size for a crocodile and one of those will be hard to capture and kill in general!

It is believed that he was hatched in 1955 and is currently 67 to 68 years of age, however the actual age of this creature is unknown to the public!

Not only this, it is believed that this crocodile has three bullet scars on his body and on his right shoulder blade, there is a deeply wounded scar which is believed to be when he had an encounter with armed forces.

Capture attempt

The croc has been seen multiple times and has been in many encounters as people have been trying to capture this large animal due to how many people he has killed!

There has been a documentary made by the National Geographic about this large reptile, however no one was able to capture the animal.

One attempted to capture this animal was using a 9m long cage with a lot of bait, they installed it where Gustave usually is, however after many nights, nothing was found.

All hope was lost, however the last night, before they left the country, the bait that they used was gone and the cage was submerged underwater! Showing that Gustave managed to escape.

Last Sightings and Possible Death

As of 2019, the legend of the man eating crocodile named Gustave will be no more, as it was reported in the Travel Africa Magazine that Gustave had died.

The death is weird to a lot of people as nothing was said about how the creature died or any photos were surfaced, however as of right now, the world believes that this creature is dead.

The last full sighting that was documented and the evidence was showed, is 2009 in the Ruzizi River.

Other than this, this was the last reported sighting of the animal. There hasn’t been anything since.

Other than this, there is a way to see what this croc could have been like, there is a movie based on this crocodile called Primeval which was created in 2007!

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Banner and Image Credit: National Geographic

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