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Real OR Fake? Killer Dolphins Missing?

Real OR Fake? Killer Dolphins Missing?

For many of us, the internet tells us some amazing facts about stuff we may not have known. From what’s inside Area 51 to what’s lurking in our ocean, there is numerous fake and true articles out there that will tell everyone different facts about different things. There has been one article floating around very recently that has been all over the internet… Even as far as to have start back in 2005!

Image taken from page!

There is many articles out there right now that claim to say that there are Navy Dolphins lurking the ocean! The stories go back as far as 2005, which in theory, they will have been in our ocean for 17+ years at this point during the time this post is up. The articles are about an operation that took place in 2005 with the US Navy training them to kill, however after a hurricane that took out the base where they were, they managed to escape and lurk around the ocean. No sightings in 17 years however!

This page that claims to say killer, military train dolphins has been looked at in intensive details as this is a weird topic. It is deemed to be…. Real but fake! Very fake! It is true that the US Navy was trying to train some dolphins, however fake that they are out in the ocean, even the pictures used can show that this is no where near true! Another day, another fake!

Banner and Image Credit: Dmitry Demidovich

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