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Real or Fake? Mosasaurus Spotted?

Real or Fake? Mosasaurus Spotted?

A lot of things can happen in the world, if the video or image is real or fake however is determined through us. For example, a Mosasaurus has been spotted. Is it real or fake?

Real or Fake? Mosasaurus Spotted from Helicopter?

The world is a hard place to predict right now, everything is happening at once. The World Cup has now started alongside a huge war. A lot of sightings have started to happen and more.

Our oceans are still only 5 to 10% unexplored. Nothing has stopped the explorers from wanting to explore, this is just due to how much of our ocean is needing explored and new things being discovered each day!

This is why there is so many new sightings of prehistoric creatures… like this one!

This is the video that was found from YouTube Shorts!

So this video was found while watching shorts. Is it a real video? Or is it a fake video?

The video instantly stands out to me, this is due to the graphics seeming so far off what an iPhone or Android camera can capture these days.

Alongside this, it seems like this was made in a piece of editing software.

Other than this, the video would be spot on… then you watch the ending and realise already what the answer is.

Before we get to the answer, here are five facts about this prehistoric creature!

  1. The Mosasaurus was discovered in 1764, by lieutenant Jean Baptiste Drouin.
  2. The Mosasaurus got its scientific name Mosasaurus hoffmanni in 1829, by Gideon Mantell.
  3. The holotype skeleton for the Mosasaurus hoffmanni is MNHNP AC9648, which is just a skull.
  4. The name Mosasaurus means: “Lizard of the Meuse River”.
  5. The name Mosasaurus is pronounced: “MOE-zah-SORE-usis”.

All of these were found on factsforkids.com.

Is this video real or fake?

This video that claims to show a real life Mosasaurus has been looked at for say 20 seconds. This video has been determined to be a fake video.

This isn’t the hardest fake we have seen here at Five Minutes Spare, however our members jumped at the Mosasurus jumping at the camera!

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Banner and Image Credit: arfa adam

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