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Real or Fake? Real Mosasaurus Caught on Camera?

Real or Fake? Real Mosasaurus Caught on Camera?

The world is still unexplored, with over 100 things being discovered every single day, from animals that everyone thought was excited, to new types of species being found. The ocean is the most unexplored location in the whole world. Only 5% or 10% of our ocean has been explored since the beginning of searching, as new creatures are discovered every day, some are found by accident, however there is one sea creature everyone hopes is not around anymore!

This video claims to show a real life Mosasaurus caught on camera. Looks very real to me as the camera is slow as it is believed to be in “deep ocean” territory and the fish are also quite slow as well as the massive creature that was visible in the video, this shows has showed us all the characteristics of the Mosasaurus and shows everything that it stats… But this could still be a fake video.

This video that claims to show a real life Mosasaurus has been looked at a lot, as this could be a massive discovery, however the video is in fact… Fake! Now, the source of this video could not be found at all but two reasons to why this will have to be fake!



  1. The video claims to be a real life Mosasaurus, however in the description it stats that we see it in deep oceans. Now, if this were a deep ocean camera… this is not what it would look like. There would be a massive dark area with a light, meaning we would only just see some of the features of the fish.
  2. So it is said that this Mosasaurus is going down into deeper waters, however that is not the type of fish that it is! This type of creature will need to stay near the top of the water as they are air breathers to be believed by scientists. So this is unnatural behaviour from the creature.

This was one of those that I would of wanted to be real, this would be a great discovery but terrible for everyone as well. But this is fake! What is going to be real?

Banner and Image Credit: nasirkhan


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