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Real or Fake? Shark Eaten by Something Bigger?

Real or Fake? Shark Eaten by Something Bigger?

There is another Megalodon sighting/not sighting, but is this real or fake? There has been a shark eaten by something bigger. This is only a rumour however but scientists are not sure what has happened!

Real or Fake? Shark Eaten by Something Bigger?

A lot of things can happen in the world. Sharks are noticeable getting bigger and more aggressive, however the Megalodon is still hidden away!

There is a lot of people around the world trying to prove that this shark is still alive to this day.

The Megalodon shark is one of the most prehistoric creature that has been on the mind of a lot of people recently. This is a strange one as the Megalodon is one of the biggest sharks in the world.

There has been another shark that is known to be bigger, however the Meg is the main one right now.

There is one story that has yet to be unfolded and uncovered by a lot of people as no one has a clue what has happened.

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Image Credit: Mark_Kostich

What is this famous story?

The story goes as follows;

  • A group of marine biologists put a tracking device on a shark to monitor it’s behaviour.
  • The shark was normal at first, nothing seemed wrong until something caught the eye of everyone.
  • The shark’s temperature changed and it was seen going further and further under the water without any word of warning.
  • Faster than the shark could swim as well.
  • The tracking device was there for a few weeks before turning off, meaning the shark stayed in that one location.
  • A few weeks later, the tracking device was found on a beach but the shark was never seen again.
  • It is believed that something bigger killed and eaten the shark and the tracking device managed to get back onto the shore.

That is the story about a shark real?

Looking at the stats of this story, there isn’t much to go off other than what the biologists have stated.

They claim that something bigger must have eaten that shark and taken it down to that level.

Something much bigger must have gotten that shark, and or the tracker could have just came off the shark and descended faster than anyone thought.

Is this shark story real or fake?

The claim that this is a real story has been looked at and it is clear to be an unknown story! This is a strange unknown story this one.

Do you think this is real?

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