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Love Island Ratings Dip!

Love Island Ratings Dip!

Love Island is one of those series where everyone watches it for the funny moments and interesting content, however this time around… Not many people are looking forward to it and not many people are finding this one interesting. More than 2.5 million people tuned in for the launch of the new series of Love Island but this time without Caroline Flack. This was 800,000 views lower than the last summer series that was out and now it’s still losing viewership. No one knows why, or if it’s because of the new people but many people have their suspicions!

Viewers saw 12 singletons enter the new Villa in South Africa for the new series of Winter Love Island. The old host Caroline Flack stepped down from Love Island host and has been replaced with Laura Whitemore and the overnight ratings. A lot of fans believe that the show has lost ratings due to the show having two shows a year instead of once a year! The show has attracted attention due to the islanders and what they get up to, however, this show has gone down in ratings and viewership!



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