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Is Doing Fut Champions on FIFA 21 Worth It?

Is Doing Fut Champions on FIFA 21 Worth It?

FIFA 21 is fully underway with all the players transfering from FIFA 20 to 21 and now all the pro players have went to it as well. Now that FIFA 21 is out, Fut Champions is what everyone is talking about and what everyone is wanting to do. But is it worth it?

Fut Champions is a massive part of FIFA 21, allowing players to compete against each other and win a massive reward. Depending on where the player ends up in the ranking. Depending on the ranking depends on the reward. Players typically aim for gold 3 as that’s a great way to get some great players.

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Some players seem to think that it’s not worth it. Some players beleive that it’s too stressful to try and get a chance at getting a red pick player. Last week only a certain amount of people got the best rewards, Timo Werner and Rashford were barely found in over 100 accounts.

It’s worth the wait if the player gets the player and or the pack they are wanting. 9 times out of 10 the player only get an average fut Champions reward while 1% of people get the best players in the game.

In conclusion, Fut Champions is only worth the stress if the player has a card he wants to get. For example if 99 rated player is in the team, they would more than likely do the stressful 30 games all weekend.

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