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5 Call Of Duty Warzone Tips!

5 Call Of Duty Warzone Tips!

Even though the new COD is coming out nevt month, Warzone will remain an extremely popular game. 

Call Of Duty.

But, just because it’s popular, it doesn’t mean it’s easy! Warzone is one of the most difficult games out there at times, she requires a lot of skill and patience. So, here are 5 COD Warzone tips you can use to improve your game!

1. Create and use a loadout. 

Loadouts can be created in the main menu, and you can add perks, weapons, and equipment to the loadout. It’s advised you use suppressed weapons, with an assault rifle and sniper, so you can attack enemies from all distance and stay hidden.

When you get into the game, make it your first goal to get a loadout drop for $10,000. Loot houses and try and lay low for a while, until you get your desired loadout.

2. High ground. 

Use the top of buildings to your advantage! Having a vantage point such as a hill or building is extremely important, as it means even if you can see someone, they might not be able to see you. You can also make for quick getaways using your parachute, so it means you have a good vantage point, and escape plan all in one.

3. Don’t be a hero. 

If you’re sat in a safe place and you see someone move past you, you shouldn’t chase them (most of the time). By doing this you’re possibly giving up a good vantage point, and when running after them, they can likely hear you – which puts you yourself at risk. Don’t jeopardise a good set up for one meaningless kill. Your aim is to win, not get the most kills.

4. Land in a good place. 

Where you land often dictates how the game goes. Head for somewhere not too busy and that has a lot of loot and cover, and isn’t too far out of the zone. Or, if you’re looking for a challenge and trying to improve your skills, test them by going to a place in the circle where everyone else is going. But be warned, it can get hectic and it’s likely you’ll get shot !

5. Just practice. 

You can read all the tips you want, but unless you actually play the game and figure out what works for you, you’re never going to improve. These are just some good tips to base your game off!

Extra Gulag tip. 

If you head to the gulag, make sure you have a small game plan. Don’t go rushing at the opponent if they’ve got a shotgun, for example. Be mindful of the weapons you’ve been given and how they are used, and go from there.



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