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Revisiting North Sentinel Island!

Revisiting North Sentinel Island!

A while ago, we posted about this Island and now it’s time to revisit the island and see why its so famous for being an island no one is allowed to visit!

Ever since the dawn of time, the world was evolving, modern age was getting more advanced and more and more people were aware of technology and more, however this small island off the coast of Thailand and India, is so remote and unaware of technology, that it is said that they are the last known tribe in the world!

This island is called North Sentinel Island and it is the last place in the world that has no technology and no knowledge of the world as we know it now. It is said that they haven’t discovered much and they are still unaware of everything around them involving technology and even some other things such as fire and more.


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Nothing is confirmed on the knowledge of them, however they seem to not understand anything other than old tribal things, such as bow and arrows, chopping trees and more.

This place is banned to the public from the Indian Government due to the fact of they attack those that step foot on the island and they don’t have any cures for any diseases and more relating to infections.

Not too long ago, a man tried to step foot on the island to get in contact with them as they haven’t had any contact with anyone in many years, however the tribe bowed him down and his body was never recovered.

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