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FIFA 22 Team of the Year Prediction!

FIFA 22 Team of the Year Prediction!

EA Sports are about to release the Team of the Year, made by the fans of the game. This team is set to be released soon this month but in sections, from attackers to defenders. This is my team or the year prediction.


Starting off with the defenders and some people will disagree with me, but Mendy has been an amazing goalkeeper for Chelsea and all the defenders haven’t just had one great season, they have had at least 3 great seasons!


Midfielders are easy to choose as it’s said the three best midfielders in the world are in the Premier League, KDB is one of the best players in world football, as well as Kante, however Bruno Fernandez, he’s in Ronaldo’s shadow right now, however in my opinion he’s played better than Ronaldo.


In my opinion, there the best picks for the top 3 attackers in world football, Mbappe has proven to be the best young player in the world and deserves the spot. Messi has had a slow start in Ligue 1, however the best player in the world has shown his potential in the league and secured the spot, and Lewandoski, he’s proven to be one of the best players and missed out on the best award in world football.

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