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Venom v Spiderman?

Venom v Spiderman?

After the events of No Way Home, its hard to say that this will happen or not, or if they will make the event happen at all. There has been a lot of talks about the Tom Hardy Venom is set in Andrew Garfield’s universe and there is a small symbiote of Venom now in the MCU, this will more than likely appear in the next instalment of Spiderman, however, this does need to happen!

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Venom vs Spiderman will more than likely be a full movie including Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman, if they decide to create another Spiderman for him and Tom Hardy’s Venom. This would be a great movie as a standalone movie, probably better than No Way Home if they direct it right and make it what the fans really want!

This movie will more than likely happen in the future after Tom Hollands next three movies and if this does include Andrew Garfield instead of Tom Holland, this could include a new love interest MJ, as he had the conversation with Tobey’s Spiderman about finding his MJ.

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This may not happen for a while, however this would be a great movie and this could top the all time best Spiderman’s in the world as everyone has been waiting for Spiderman vs Venom for a while now, as no one has seen this since Tobey Maguires Spiderman fought one! Click here for more Spiderman News or Click here for more Venom News!

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