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Fut Champs Rewards Next Week!

Fut Champs Rewards Next Week!

Currently, players from around the world are collecting their rewards from a crazy weekend league, the ultimate Team of the Season So Far team is out and so many players hoped on to the game to play this weekend and try and get 99 rated Messi, 99 rated Ronaldo and 99 rated Van Dijk. Some people would have got the players they were wanting, others got nothing, however for those who love playing in the weekend league, they could be in luck… Another week of this team of the season? Or will it be something else? No one knows but next week’s rewards could be the same as this week’s ones!

It has been confirmed that EA Sports are starting to release the TOTW, Team of the Week, once again. The reason they stopped was due to the virus stopping football completely and due to the fact they had TOTSSF to do. This means that next week’s rewards will be extended to next week, allowing players to have another chance of getting some crazy cards and some insane rewards. The Ultimate Team of the Season So Far and the Rest of World Team of the Season So Far is rumored to stay for another week. This could very much be true and could be false, however, players will be wanting to play this week to try and get another chance at Messi and Ronaldo.

Team of the Season So Far is some player’s favorite promo to happen since this year they have introduced so many good cards and so many promos, others say the best card is the Headliners cards. EA confirmed these rewards on the 10th June 2020 on there Twitter and some fans are happy with it as others are hating them for it. All and all, the Team of the Season So Far Ultimate team is set to be in the rewards next week as well.

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