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352 Squad Builder!

352 Squad Builder!

This squad builder will require you to have objective players! Some are still available as others are not!

352 is one of the most under used formation in FIFA in general. A formation no one ever uses in Fut Champions and a formation that no one can get use to, however the best formation in the game is 451 and or 442. This formation and custom tactics will counter these formations and could be a great team for you. For me, this is the best team I’ve ever created. Only bought 4 players, the rest are objective players, however in the striker spot, you are able to have anyone and everyone. The team costs 350k.

The team that was created!

This team for me plays amazing. Owen and Falcao get in behind the defenders and manage to score from weird angles whenever needed. Litmanen is a great centre attacking midfielder that can do both scoring and passing. The wingers always go in behind the defenders and go back to defend when there on the counter. Centre defence midfielders are always there to get the ball and pass it up the pitch whenever. The defenders are able to get back when they are clean through since they all have great pace. 85+ across the board.

How does it play in game?

For me, I play Fut Champs most weekends and I can confidently say that this team performs well with any formations but the defence side can be an issue but other than that, the team is great, CDMs, centre defence midfielders, are great at staying back and getting the ball in the middle of the pitch, defenders are incredible at staying strong and staying back. The attacks are great at finishing and great at dribbling passed defenders. In the past few Fut Champs with this team, I have been getting Gold 3 – 1. For an average FIFA player, this is good enough to get a great reward.

Custom Tactics

Strikers – Stay Central, Get in Behind
Centre Attacking Midfielder – Stay Forward, Free Roam
Left Midfielder/Right Midfielder – Come back on Defence, Stay Wide, Get in Behind
Centre Defence Midfielder – Stay Back while Attacking
Centre Backs – Stay the same, No changes

Only change these ones so the team plays great. The reason why you don’t have the CDMs cover centre, is because if the wingers are still forward… the Centre Defence Midfielders will cover that and one will stay in the centre of midfield.

Who is the best player in the team? Attacks to Defenders.


Falcao is the better player out of the two attacks, his pace is great, shooting is incredible and with engine on him, his dribbling is insane. For me, currently Falcao has played 68 games, scored 73. Barely sub him off due to his strength being great. Has an Engine on him and this is the stats, normal stats are different! (Old Objective Player)



Thorsby is the better player out of the 5 Midfielders. The player seems to be everywhere around the pitch and every pass always works. Hes the main man in the midfield and is the only player on 8 chemistry. Anchor is the best chemistry style for him. Boost the pace and all the defensive stats. Has an Anchor on him and this is the stats, normal stats are different! (Old Objective Player)



Ajayi will be the best defender in the team in general. He will always catch up with the players running down the pitch and has the strength to get the player off the ball. Anchor is the best chemistry style for him! Has an Anchor on him and this is the stats, normal stats are different!


Banner and Editorial credit: Kiyah / Shutterstock.com

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