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How I Would Produce Spiderman 5… Tom!

How I Would Produce Spiderman 5… Tom!

After doing the first How I Would Produce for Tom Hollands Spiderman, I thought I would do another one… This is how I would Produce Spiderman 5 Tom Holland!

After starting to take amazing pictures of Spiderman and sending them to the Daily Bugle, it is clear to see that J. Jonah Jamieson is saying everything and anything to get everyone to hate Spiderman. From fake robberies to fake news, J. Jonah Jamieson would do it, Peter Parker however needed this job as he needed to pay rent. As he was going to college he ran into MJ again, MJ remembers Peter from when he went to the coffee shop and slowly began talking again. While all this is happening, we see Flash starting to put on the weight and muscle with Venom in the background. Agent Venom was on the way to becoming Spiderman’s biggest threat. Peter would continue to fight crime until one day. A black alien-like creature started terrorizing the city. Agent Venom! Spiderman was doing his best but nothing would beat him, he noticed that MJ was one of the few people Agent Venom was attacking so Peter Parker tried to help as much as possible before he ran off. In the end, we see Spiderman beat Agent Venom, however, this was not over for venom, as his symbiote managed to stick to Peter Parker’s bag in the post-credit scene while he was talking to MJ in college!

Adding on from the first one, this would make a decent storyline rather than giving Peter the black suit straight away. Making him fight an alien like creature like Tobey’s Spiderman did, however slightly different. Let us know if you’d watch this!

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